Sweet Valley High Senior Year #7: Boy Meets Girl

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Jeremy wants to take Jessica out and do something special, but he’s too poor to do anything really awesome. He calls a friend and manages to score free tickets to see Romeo and Juliet at some theater, but Jessica’s useless mother writes down the address wrong when Jeremy calls so Jessica goes to the wrong place and can’t figure out why Jeremy isn’t showing up. They both call Alice and finally meet up at a video arcade. Jessica seems to have fun playing video games and just hanging out, but Jeremy is disappointed that his magical date didn’t turn out the way he wanted. Dude, you’re with a chick who doesn’t mind playing video games all night. Just go with it.

Conner tells Liz he thinks they should cool things off while she deals with Maria. Liz doesn’t like the idea, but is too much of a doormat to disagree with the mighty Conner and his iron will. She calls Maria and leaves a teary message about how sorry she is. Maria doesn’t pick up because she doesn’t want to talk to Liz at all. On Monday morning, Liz sees Maria in the hallway and apologizes again. Maria hardly looks at her when she says whatever, she’s over it. Liz tries to talk to her again the next day, and Maria flat out says she doesn’t want to be friends anymore. Way to go, Maria. FINALLY someone doesn’t want to be friends with Liz just because she’s Liz.

Everyone has heard about Melissa’s suicide attempt and they’re all giving Will their condolences. He’s really annoyed. He goes to the hospital to see Melissa and he gets really pissed when she refers to him as her boyfriend, as though things are just going to go back to normal now. He starts to set her straight, but then a nurse comes in and starts yapping about how having such a devoted boyfriend is really going to help Melissa get back on her feet more quickly. Meanwhile, Cherie and Gina start going off on Jessica at cheerleading practice, telling her it’s all because of her that Melissa tried to kill herself. Jessica has had enough and she totally wails on them. She says she never did anything wrong and she’s sick of their crap. She also says that if they were such great friends of Melissa’s, they would be worrying about their friend right now instead of harassing Jessica. Melissa’s minions seem suitably sheepish.

Jessica and Jeremy go out Tuesday night, but the date is another disaster. The freeway is jammed and the comedy club they try to go to is twenty-one and up, and yes, this is apparently enough to ruin a date. They go for ice cream, and Will is in line in front of them. Things are awkward and tense, and Jeremy can tell there’s something weird between Will and Jessica. Jessica calls Jeremy the next day and invites him to have dinner with her family. Jeremy gets all excited about it, but then his mother says he has to stay home and watch his sisters because she’s been called in to work. When he calls Jessica to tell her, she says maybe their relationship just isn’t meant to be since all their dates keep getting screwed up. What a quitter. Jeremy asks her to give him one more chance and let him take her out Friday night.

When Liz gets home after dinner at Fowler Crest, she runs into Conner in the hallway. He’s pretty much gone back to acting like he doesn’t like her. Liz tells him Maria is still really upset, and Conner says she just needs more time and he and Liz will pick things up again soon. In reality, he’s hoping this reprieve will last a while because, I don’t know, he’s weird about girls. He’s sure things with Liz will just get bad as soon as they start making out on a regular basis again.

Megan (in case you can’t remember because she’s hardly ever mentioned, Megan is Conner’s sister and the reason Liz lives at Conner’s house) has her first article published in the Oracle and she asks Liz to take her to the country club so she can show her mother. When they get there, it’s obvious that Mrs. Sandborn is completely trashed. On their way out the door, someone tells Megan that her mother is no longer welcome at the club, as she’s been warned about her behavior many times. Liz and Megan get her to the car and drive her home. Along the way, Liz remembers all the times Conner went to go pick up his mom in the middle of the night and the excuses he’s made for her. Instead of feeling bad about him having to deal with all that, she’s hurt that he hasn’t trusted her enough to “let her in.” Because it’s all about Liz. When they get home, Conner comes running out of the house all in a tizzy. He yells at Megan for “surprising Mom” and then at Liz for interfering. Then he carries his mother inside. Later, after holding his mom’s hair while she throws up for a while, he tells Liz he doesn’t want her to live there anymore. Liz throws some clothes in a backpack and hits the mean streets of El Carro, but she really doesn’t have anywhere to go. Luckily, Jessica is driving around the neighborhood because Megan called her. She takes Liz back to Fowler Crest.

Will goes over to Melissa’s house when she gets out of the hospital on Friday. He tells her he meant it when he said he didn’t want to be with her anymore and she’s just going to have to accept it. She goes nuts. She punches him in the face and starts throwing things at him. He manages to get out the door just as Melissa tries to break a mirror with his face. It’s not the best breakup, but Will feels pretty good now that it’s over and done with. Uh, yeah. I’d be afraid of her breaking into my house and stabbing me in my sleep.

Will decides he needs to makes things right with Jessica now. When he gets to Fowler Crest, he sees Jeremy driving off and Jessica waving goodbye to him with a dreamy expression on her face. Will is dismayed when he realizes she’s just been on a fabulous date. He runs up to her and apologizes for everything. I guess Jessica is still feeling good from her date because she accepts his apology.

Somewhere along the way, Jessica and Tia try out for a school play.

The Cover: I don’t feel comfortable looking at teenagers kissing at this zoom level.