Sixth Grade

The Wakefields

The twins – Jessica and Elizabeth are twelve-year-old identical twins. Jessica likes to shop and talk about boys. Elizabeth likes to write for the school paper and read books. They’re both ridiculous, and almost every book revolves around them.

Steven Wakefield – The twins’ older brother. He’s fourteen and a real pain in the ass.

Ned and Alice – Also known as Mom and Dad. Ned is a lawyer and Alice is a successful interior designer. They like to think of themselves as great parents, but they really kind of suck.


Friends of the Wakefields

Aaron Dallas – Aaron is just one of the guys. He hangs around with all the other guys and is probably on a sports team or two. Aaron and Jessica have been sort of dating for a while, but it’s not official.

Amy Sutton – Elizabeth Wakefield’s best friend. Quite unlike her future self, sixth grade Amy has stringy hair and cares about schoolwork. She’s on the school newspaper with Liz.

Belinda “Billie” Layton – One of the best athletes in school. Her parents had a new baby and named him Billy, so now Billie has to go by Belinda. She was asked to join the Unicorns because they figured they could use an athlete.

Brooke Dennis – Brooke acted like a total bitch when she moved to Sweet Valley, but it’s just because her dad didn’t pay enough attention to her or something. She’s friends with everyone now.

Bruce Patman – Apparently, Bruce has always been a jackass. One year older than the twins, he is, as he will always be, crushed on by the airheaded Unicorn types and despised by the smarties like Liz and Amy.

Caroline Pearce – Caroline writes the gossip column for the school paper because she’s a great big blabbermouth gossip. She sort of hangs out with Liz and her friends, but people don’t really like her much.

Danny Jackson – Danny is a track star who got himself in a lot of trouble all the time to avoid facing the fact that he couldn’t read. Liz managed to get an Olympic athlete to talk to him and now Danny is getting tutored.

Dennis Cookman – Dennis is a big and scary seventh-grader who likes to pick on the sixth-graders. Grace Oliver gets him to stop being such a jerk and now he’s nicer to everyone.

Dylan McKay – Tom’s loser older brother. He’s jealous of Tom’s popularity, but then Liz forces him to enter an essay contest. He wins, gains some self-confidence and stops being a loser.

Ellen Riteman – One of Jessica’s best friends and fellow Unicorns. Like the rest of the Unicorns, she wears purple and acts like a snob. She’s also pretty dumb. She has a bratty little brother named Mark.

Ginny Lu Culpepper – A transplant from Tennessee, Ginny Lu is loud and unrefined. Because she’s from the mountains, y’all. The Unicorns hate her until she saves Ellen’s horse’s life.

Ken Matthews – Ken’s short so the other guys make fun of him, but after Liz helps him be a better basketball player and he makes the team, things turn around for him. He and Amy like each other.

Lila Fowler – Jessica Wakefield’s best friend. Like Bruce, her middle school self isn’t much different from her high school self. She’s a rich snob who doesn’t like anyone who’s poor or ugly.

Lois Waller – The sixth grade’s answer to Robin Wilson. She’s fat and people make fun of her. And because she’s fat, she’s usually desperate to find candy and snacks. That’s pretty much the extent of Lois’s character.

Lucy Benson – Lucy is new in town. She’s an expert horse rider person, but she has epilepsy and her parents tried to make her quit riding. She gave them a speech and won a riding competition, so her parents relented. We haven’t seen or heard from her since.

mandyMandy Miller – Mandy was desperate to join the Unicorns, but they didn’t want her because she has a weird sense of fashion and she’s too nice. They let her join after she got cancer and went through radiation and chemo.

Mary Giaccio Robinson – Mary was kidnapped and abandoned when she was little and she spent her early life in foster homes. Her real mother found her and they now live happily in Sweet Valley with Mary’s stepfather. She’s in the Unicorns but also writes for the school paper.

Nora Mercandy – Nora has recently moved to Sweet Valley to live with her creepy grandparents in their creepy old mansion. Her grandfather was a famous magician back in the day.

Pamela Jacobson – All Pamela has ever wanted is to be a normal kid, but she has a heart condition that makes this difficult. After she wins the Mini Olympics for her team, everyone likes her.

Patrick Morris – Patrick thought he had the worst parents ever because they would never let him do anything, but after he ran away and almost died, he found out he was really just poor. His dad got a new job and everything is presumably fine now.

Sam Sloane – Left San Francisco, moved to Sweet Valley, found his twin brother, met the ghost of his great-grandfather. It was an intense spring break for everyone involved.

Sandra Ferris – Sandra is tall and clumsy, so Jessica gives her a fakeover. She’s still tall and clumsy, but it doesn’t bother her so much anymore. Sandra is full of confidence now and everyone loves her.

Sarah Thomas – Sarah’s father used to have a terrible girlfriend who left Sarah alone for five days, but nobody seems at all bothered by that. Sarah is friends with Elizabeth and Amy.

Sophia Rizzo – Sophia is poor, her brother is a delinquent and her mom is disabled. She’s a talented playwright though, so everyone wants to be her friend in spite of these flaws.

Todd Wilkins – Todd has been going to school with the twins for years, but it seems he’s been hanging out in the “Other Hallway” until now. He and Liz like each other, but they haven’t made anything official yet.

Tom McKay – Tom and his brother are new at Sweet Valley Middle School, but Tom is already pretty popular. He does not yet look like a girl.

Junior Year

The Wakefields

The twins – Jessica and Elizabeth are the most beautiful and popular sixteen-year-olds in the world. They have blond hair, blue-green eyes and perfect size six figures. Almost every book revolves around them, and if it doesn’t, there’s at least a subplot dedicated to them.

Steven Wakefield – The twins’ older brother. He’s in college, but he comes home constantly when the plot line calls for it. Cara Walker has had a crush on him for ages, but he was dating Tricia Martin. After Tricia died, Steven was really down for a while, but he eventually hooked up with Cara Walker. They stayed together until Cara moved to London, and now Steve is dating his roommate, Billie. Every once in a while, Steve meets a girl who looks like Tricia and he goes off the deep end for a while.

Ned and Alice – The Wakefield parents never change. They’re exactly the same in this series as they are in the sixth grade series (read: terrible parents).


Friends of the Wakefields

c-ajA. J. Morgan – Jessica’s first real boyfriend. A. J. is a quiet redhead from Georgia, so Jessica assumed he wanted a nice demure girlfriend and tried to act accordingly. It didn’t work. A. J. and Jessica eventually broke up because Jessica is incapable of any sort of mature relationship.

c-AaronAaron Dallas – Popular guy. Suzanne Devlin pretended to like him when she was in town. Aaron was dating Patsy Webber in a Super Edition but I guess that doesn’t count. He dated a sophomore named Heather for a while, but she moved away. Liz and Todd set Aaron up with Dana Larson, but they’ve since broken up. Aaron has an anger problem, aggravated by his parents’ divorce. Last we heard, he was in therapy for it.

c-AmyAmy Sutton – Liz’s best friend in junior high but moved away after eighth grade. When she moved back, Liz realized Amy had changed and was better suited to being Jessica’s friend. Amy is now on the cheerleading squad and is one of Jessica’s best friends. Bruce cheated on Regina with Amy and that’s what made Regina turn to drugs and then die. Amy now volunteers at Project Youth and has a serious boyfriend named Barry.

c-AndreaAndrea Slade – Daughter of Jamie Peters, a famous rock star. Good friend of Elizabeth and Enid. She tried to keep her identity a secret when she first moved to town, but Jessica and Lila saw her when they were spying on Jamie Peters. Used to go out with Nicholas Morrow, but they’ve broken up. Andrea lost all her cool points when she started sort of dating Bruce Patman and letting him treat her like crap. He dropped her as soon as he met Pamela.

c-AndyAndy Jenkins – Token black boy. He was best friends with Neil Freemount, but Neil punched him in the stomach while some racist punks were beating Andy up. Andy goes out with Tracy Gilbert and does not want to hear about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. from any white person.

c-annieAnnie Whitman – Nicknamed “Easy Annie” because of her promiscuity. Annie attempted suicide when she didn’t get onto the cheerleading squad. Jessica felt bad and went ahead and let her be a cheerleader. After her suicide attempt, Annie went out with Ricky Capaldo for a while, then Charlie Markus, and is now going out with Tony Esteban. Annie’s mother is married to a black man named Walter, so now Annie has a black stepsister named Cheryl.

c-aprilApril Dawson – A dirt bike racer and probably the least attractive girl I’ve ever seen on a Sweet Valley High cover. Goes out with Michael Harris. Jessica met Sam through April.

c-betsyBetsy Martin – Tricia Martin’s sister. She was a drug addict until Tricia died and Betsy spent a week with the Wakefields. Now she’s going to art school. For a while there she wouldn’t let Steven move on and date any other girls, but after a stern talking-to from Liz, she decided to let him go. She goes out with a friend of Steve’s named Jason Stone.

c-billchaseBill Chase – Champion surfer. Used to have a thing for Liz. He turned Jessica down once when she asked him out, so she tried to manipulate him into falling in love with her so she could mess with his head. He fell in love with DeeDee Gordon instead. They had a rough patch where DeeDee started acting all weird, but they seem to be okay now.

c-bruceBruce Patman – Wealthy and egomaniacal. He and Jessica went out for a brief period. He tried to rape Elizabeth after her motorcycle accident when she wasn’t herself. When he fell in love with Regina Morrow he settled down and wasn’t quite so obnoxious anymore. This new attitude got him elected centennial student president. Or something. Amy Sutton brought Bruce’s old tendencies back to the surface and since Regina’s death, he’s gone back to being a douchebag. Bruce is now in an on again/off again relationship with Pamela Robertson.

c-caraCara Walker – Sometimes Jessica’s best friend. She was a big snob and gossip until her parents got divorced and she learned what it was like to “lose someone.” Her newfound maturity helped her finally snag Steven Wakefield, but made Jessica think she was all boring so they stopped hanging out so much. Cara’s mother was offered a job in London, so Cara had to break up with Steve and move across the pond.

c-carolineCaroline Pearce – Gossipmonger who stopped gossiping with some help from Liz, though her reformation didn’t last long. She once invented a boyfriend for herself because she thought it would make her popular. It didn’t work.

c-cherylCheryl Thomas – Annie Whitman’s new black stepsister from New York. She and Steve Wakefield tried to have a relationship, but they’re both idiots so it didn’t work out. Cheryl wound up dating Steve’s black friend, Martin.

c-christianChristian Gorman – A Palisades High student Jessica met on the beach and fell in love with. Part of the Palisades gang that was at war with Sweet Valley High for a couple weeks. His love for Jessica made him change his ways, but he got sucked into the rumble at Bruce’s house. He hit his head and fell in the pool, and later died at the hospital.

c-ClaireClaire Middleton – Loves football and used to look up to her older brother, Ted, who played football in college. Ted died and the Middletons moved to Sweet Valley, where Claire made quite a scene when she tried out for the football team and made it. She was pretty unfriendly at first, but she’s calmed down and now hangs out with Liz’s crowd. I think she’s going out with Danny Porter.

c-danaDana Larson – Lead singer of The Droids. She’s always wearing something ridiculous and everyone thinks she’s fashionable. The Droids had some crappy manager once who promised them big things, but it turns out he was really just trying to get into Dana’s pants ’cause she’s just that awesome. Dana dated Aaron Dallas for a while. Then she almost married a prince. She is currently single.

c-deedeeDeeDee Gordon – Goes out with Bill Chase and apparently looks like a middle-aged midget. She went through a period where she lost all her self confidence and suddenly got all freaked out that Bill was going to leave her, but Elizabeth helped her through it and now everything appears to be fine.

c-emilyEmily Mayer – Drummer for The Droids. Her mother left when she was little, but she tells everyone her mother is dead. Emily has a wicked stepmother who was actually kind of abusive, but the stepmother changes her ways and stops being wicked after Emily’s baby half-sister starts choking and Emily saves her with the Heimlich.

c-enidEnid Rollins – Elizabeth’s best friend. Used to be into drugs but has been clean for two years. Jessica thinks she’s boring. Used to go out with George Warren until he broke up with her for Robin Wilson. After that she seemed to date a lot of random college guys. She settled down with Hugh Grayson for a while, but they’ve now broken up. Enid just turned sixteen in book #6. She has a tendency to occasionally lose all her self-confidence and wish she looked like Liz.

c-heatherHeather Mallone – Jessica’s archnemesis. Heather rolled into town and became an overnight sensation because she’s so totally hot. Heather took Robin’s place as co-captain of the cheerleading squad after Robin moved. Jessica and Heather hate each other.

c-jadeJade Wu – A cute little Chinese-American dancer. Jade joined Jessica’s cheerleading squad when Heather caused the cheerleaders all that trouble. When the squads merged, Jade stuck with it and is still on the squad.

c-JeanJean West – Member of Pi Beta Alpha and best friends with Sandy Bacon, even though Sandy is sometimes jealous of Jean’s good looks. Jean asked out Tom McKay as part of a PBA initiation dare, but they ended up really liking each other. They dated until Tom turned gay and broke up with her. Jean now goes out with Scott Trost.

c-JeffreyJeffrey French – Liz started going out with Jeffrey after Todd moved to Vermont. He’s way cooler than Todd could ever hope to be, but Liz broke up with Jeffrey when Todd moved back to Sweet Valley. We haven’t heard much from him since. We miss him. Lila had a thing for Jeffrey for a long time and occasionally tried to break him and Liz up, but since he’s been single, she and the ghostwriters seem to have forgotten about him.

c-JimJim Roberts – Tall and shy. Awesome photographer. Goes out with Shelley Novak and once won a photography contest with a picture of Shelley playing basketball.

c-johnJohn Pfeifer – Sports editor for the Oracle. John used to be a friend of Liz’s, but then one day the ghostwriters decided to make him an asshole. He tried to date rape Lila. Nobody believed her story until another of his intended victims spoke up. John became an outcast. After a while, his outcast status started to really bother him, so he set Fowler Crest on fire because he blamed Lila for the fact that everyone hated him. John went nuts and died when he tried to blow up the school.

c-KenKen Matthews – Dumb jock. He went out with Suzanne Hanlon, but broke up with her because she was all boring and snobby. Ken got into an accident that caused him to go blind, but love for his new girlfriend Terri helped him see again. Then they broke up, and Ken started going out with Jessica. He found out she cheated on him with Christian Gorman and dumped her. Then he “met” Olivia in a chat room and fell in love with her.

c-lilaLila Fowler – Beautiful, wealthy. Jessica’s best friend and worst enemy. Drives a lime green Triumph. Lila is totally sophisticated and way cooler than Jessica, even if nobody in Sweet Valley knows that. Lila sometimes has issues with her father being busy and not having time for her, but she deals with it by spending lots of his money. John Pfeifer tried to rape her one time and it caused Lila a lot of problems, but she seems to be okay now. The whole thing resulted in her parents getting back together. Lila plays the marimba.

c-LynneLynne Henry – Submitted a song anonymously to the Droids because she was too shy to let them know who she was. Lynne used to be ugly, but a fakeover made her pretty and helped her snag Guy Chesney.

c-MariaMaria Santelli – White Maria. Cheerleader and Pi Beta Alpha member, Maria is friends with both Jessica and Elizabeth. Maria’s father is the mayor of Sweet Valley. Maria and her dumbass boyfriend, Michael, were engaged at one time, but she broke up with him for Winston. She and Winston are still together and appear to be the most stable couple in town.

c-mariaslaterMaria Slater – Black Maria. Maria apparently made her first appearance in the Sweet Valley Twins books. She’s a former child actress who came to Sweet Valley when she decided to quit acting. She and Liz became friends, but then Maria’s family moved away. Maria has moved back to Sweet Valley and has begun edging out Enid as Liz’s best friend.

c-MichaelMichael Harris – Used to be engaged to Maria but was going out with April Dawson the last time we saw him. Michael is a dirt bike racer, and it’s through him and April that Jessica met Sam Woodruff.

c-NeilNeil Freemount – Went out with Jessica a lot when he first moved to Sweet Valley, but got serious about Penny Ayala after they got together through personal ads in the school paper. He was best friends with Andy Jenkins, but they don’t talk anymore since Neil joined in on a racist beatdown.

c-nicholasNicholas Morrow – Regina Morrow’s older brother. He had a thing for Elizabeth when he first moved to town, but now they’re just close friends. We haven’t really seen much of Nicholas since Regina died. He was going out with Andrea Slade for a while, but they’ve broken up.

c-OliviaOlivia Davidson – Hippie chick who works on the paper with Liz. She used to go out with Roger Barrett Patman, but they broke up. She started feeling lonely without a boyfriend and developed a crush on the instructor of an art workshop, but got over it. From the workshop, she discovered a talent for painting. She dated a guy named Rod Sullivan for about a minute, but Rod totally had a crush on Liz, so things with Olivia didn’t work out. She started getting to know Ken through a chat room, and they fell in love. Poor Olivia died in the earthquake at the end of the series.

c-pamelaPamela Robertson – Pamela managed to get herself a bad reputation at Big Mesa High, so she stupidly transferred to Sweet Valley. She’s in an on-again/off-again relationship with Bruce.

c-PattyPatty Gilbert – Token black girl. Best friends with DeeDee Gordon. Patty goes out with a college guy named Jim. Jim is also black.

c-PennyPenny Ayala – Editor of The Oracle. Goes out with Neil Freemount. They got together via personal ads in The Oracle. Penny has a little sister in one book, but she’s never mentioned again.

c-reginaRegina Morrow – Beautiful, wealthy, deaf. In love with Bruce Patman. Went to Switzerland to undergo treatments to make her able to hear, but came back when she was kidnapped by some people who wanted to steal a microchip from her father. She escaped with the help of Bruce, Nicholas and the twins. When Bruce cheated on her with Amy Sutton, Regina turned to a bad crowd and died doing cocaine.

c-RobinRobin Wilson – Used to be really fat, but got totally skinny and sexy after being humiliated by Jessica and the Pi Beta Alphas. Getting skinny seems to have magically made her athletic and she became co-captain of the cheerleading squad and one of the most popular girls in school. She dated George Warren, Enid’s ex-boyfriend. Struggled with anorexia. Her father got a job in Denver and Robin had to move suddenly, making way for Heather Mallone to take her place on the cheerleading squad.

c-rogerbarrettRoger Barrett Patman – Used to be poor. When his mother died, it came out that his father was Bruce Patman’s uncle. He’s now rich and living in the Patman mansion. He used to go out with Olivia Davidson, but they’ve broken up.

pic438927Roger Collins – Faculty adviser for The Oracle. Mr. Collins spends way too much time and energy helping his students with personal problems. For a while, he seemed to have an on again/off again relationship with Ms. Dalton, but we don’t see a lot of Ms. Dalton these days. (Thanks to Kitten Whitman for the image.)

c-ronnieRonnie Edwards – Used to go out with Enid, but broke up with her because he’s a jealous ass. Got into some trouble when he started betting on Sweet Valley’s soccer games. Later, he joined Bruce’s Club X. Ronnie died in the earthquake on the twins’ seventeenth birthday.

c-rosaRosa Jameson – Rosa apparently got made fun of for being Mexican at her old school in Texas, so when she moved to Sweet Valley, she told everyone she was just another white chick from the east coast. The truth came out eventually and she decided to embrace her heritage, even though she for some reason thought that meant she had to turn down membership to Pi Beta Alpha.

c-SamSam Woodruff – Jessica’s second boyfriend ever. Sam raced dirt bikes. Poor Sam got caught in the crossfire when the twins started fighting over who would make a better prom queen. Liz and Sam left the prom together after Jessica spiked Liz’s punch. Liz crashed the Jeep and Sam died.

c-SandraSandra Bacon – Total bitch. First, she tried to keep her best friend, Jean, out of Pi Beta Alpha. Then she was going out with a Mexican guy and didn’t want her family to know. She almost let Manuel go to jail for something he didn’t do rather than tell her parents she was dating him. I hate Sandy Bacon.

c-ShelleyShelley Novak – Star basketball player on the girls’ team. Shelley was very self-conscious about her height, but then she fell in love with Jim Roberts, who is taller than she is.

c-suzannedSuzanne Devlin – Beautiful, wealthy. The daughter of Ned Wakefield’s good friend from college. Suzanne came to Sweet Valley once and was a total monster and everyone hated her. Then she was diagnosed with MS and turned over a new leaf and came back to Sweet Valley to apologize to everyone. Everyone loves her now, even though she was misdiagnosed and all she had was mono.

c-SuzanneHSuzanne Hanlon – Tall and “willowy,” Suzanne is a member of Pi Beta Alpha. She used to date Ken, but he broke up with her because she tried to get him interested in poetry and stuff. Suzanne shows up sometimes when the story calls for a rich snob who isn’t Lila.

c-toddTodd Wilkins – Elizabeth’s on again-off again boyfriend and star of the basketball team. He and Liz often have stupid fights and break up, only to get back together again at the end of the book. Todd’s family had to move to Vermont, where he met Suzanne Devlin at a ski lodge and fell in love with her. It didn’t last, and he eventually moved back to Sweet Valley and got back together with Liz. His father has gotten a promotion and Todd is now as rich as the Fowlers and Patmans. Because of Devon Whitelaw, Todd and Liz have finally broken up, apparently for good.

c-TomTom McKay – Tom dated Jessica a few times, but settled down with Jean West for a while. He broke up with her because he felt there was something wrong with their relationship. After Amy Sutton tried to get into his pants, and after meeting Enid’s gay cousin, Tom realized he might be gay himself.

c-triciaTricia Martin – Steve Wakefield’s dead girlfriend and Betsy Martin’s sister. Before she died, Tricia made Steve promise to take care of Betsy. Steve took his promise a little too literally but finally managed to get rid of Betsy and go on with his life. Tricia’s name crops up every now and again during boring Steven plotlines, usually when Steve meets a girl who resembles Tricia in some way.

pic438924_lgWinston Egbert – Cool nerd. Used to have a crush on Jessica. Now goes out with Maria Santelli. Even though Winston appears in just about every book, he’s clearly not important enough to show up in any cover art. (Thanks to Kitten Whitman for the image.)


c-carlCarl the Orderly – A sad and lonely orderly at the hospital where the twins volunteered. He fell in love with Liz and kidnapped her, planning to take her to his cabin in the woods and keep her there forever. It didn’t work. Jessica saved the day.

c-crazyfreddyCrazy Freddy – An insane ax murderer who just happened to live in the woods near a summer camp the twins visited. He tried to kill Jessica. It didn’t work. Elizabeth saved the day.



Jeremy Randall and Sue Gibbons – Sue is the daughter of Alice Wakefield’s college roommate. She and Jeremy came to Sweet Valley with an incredibly stupid and convoluted scheme to get Sue’s inheritance after her mother died. It didn’t work, but it fucked with the Wakefields for far too long and created far too many books for me to read.


Jonathan Cain – An honest to god vampire. He came to Sweet Valley, fell in love with Jessica, bit Enid a couple times, and then he turned into a bat and flew away.

c-johnnyJohnny Marin – A murderer Ned Wakefield prosecuted ten years ago. He got out of jail and tried to get revenge on Ned by killing the twins. It didn’t work, unfortunately for the rest of us.

c-lukeLuke Shepherd – A serial killer who thought he was a werewolf. Liz totally made out with him.

c-margoMargo Black – The “Evil Twin.” Margo was completely deranged and came to Sweet Valley after killing her foster family. She saw a picture of Liz in a newspaper and decided that, since she looked exactly like her, she should kill Liz and take over her life. It didn’t work, and everyone thought Margo died when Lila pushed her out a window. She didn’t actually die until a year later, when her very own twin sister killed her, thinking she was Jessica.

c-noraNora Chappelle – Margo’s twin sister. When Nora found out about Margo’s existence and supposed death, she traveled to Sweet Valley, intent on carrying out her sister’s plan and killing the twins. When she and Margo found each other, they argued over who would get to be Jessica when they took over the Wakefield twins’ lives. Nora ended up tying Jessica up in the furnace room at school and then getting caught.

Senior Year

Andy Marsden: Andy is the new Winston. He’s a class clown type of guy who spends most of his free time playing video games. He’s good friends with Conner, Tia, Angel and Evan. Andy has recently come to the realization that he’s gay, and he is dating a guy named Dave. Andy, like Winston before him, is apparently not cool enough to appear on any book covers.

Angel Desmond: Angel graduated from El Carro High last year. Angel had a gambling problem for about a week, but it seems to have resolved itself as such problems are apt to do in Sweet Valley. After Angel left for Stanford, Tia started cheating on him with a guy named Trent. Angel broke up with her when he found out.

Conner McDermott: Brooding bad boy. He and Liz liked each other immediately and they had a ridiculous relationship. Conner has an alcoholic mother and a younger half sister named Megan. Conner’s drinking got out of control, and he hooked up with Tia one night while drunk. He went to rehab and met Alanna Feldman, and they had a crappy relationship. Conner eventually broke up with Alanna, and then made out with Liz on prom night.

Evan Plummer: Another El Carro transplant and a good friend of Conner, Tia and Andy. On the swim team. He’s an environmentalist and a health food nut, and he enjoys lively debates with his political science teacher. Evan had a crush on Liz for a while and then he dated Jessica for a minute. He eventually wound up with Jade.

Jeremy Aames: Captain of the Big Mesa football team. Jeremy works with Jessica at House of Java. After going out with Jessica for about half a second, Jeremy broke up with her when he saw her having dinner with Will Simmons. He dated Jade for a while, but she proved to be too much for him so he went back to Jessica.

Ken Matthews: Ken has been a mess since Olivia died in the earthquake. He quit the football team and stopped caring about his schoolwork. He and Maria Slater are now dating, and she’s been helping him get his act together again.  Maria encouraged him to rejoin the football team, and he got his starting quarterback position back after Will got hurt. Ken’s dad bribed a scout from Michigan to get Ken a scholarship, and Ken decided not to go when he found out.

Maria Slater: Though she was a pretty cool chick during junior year, Maria has turned into a whining, egotistical schoolaholic this year. Maria had a fling with Conner for like two days and she was devastated when she found Liz and Conner making out. Maria started talking to Ken Matthews about her problems with Liz, and now they’re dating.

Melissa Fox: A psychopath from El Carro. She was head cheerleader last year and she’s been going out with Will Simmons since eighth grade. After Will cheated on her with Jessica, she made Jessica’s life hell. She tried to kill herself after Will broke up with her, and she and Will got back together and broke up and got back together over and over and over again. They were together when they were last seen at graduation.

Tia Ramirez: Conner’s best friend and Angel’s longtime girlfriend. Tia was named head cheerleader at the beginning of the year, much to the dismay of Melissa Fox, and she was in the drama club with Jessica and Maria. Tia has befriended both Elizabeth and Jessica. However, she made out with Conner while he was drunk. Tia cheated on Angel with Jeremy’s best friend, Trent, and she started dating Trent after Angel  broke up with her.

Will Simmons: Will hooked up with Jessica without mentioning his girlfriend, Melissa Fox. After Melissa found out Will cheated, she took him back and they spread rumors together about what a slut Jessica was. Will felt pretty bad about all that, and he eventually told everyone the truth, that Jessica didn’t really do any of the things he and Melissa said she did. Will broke up with Melissa and went out with Jessica for like a day, but he broke up with Jessica to go back to Melissa. He did stuff like that pretty much all through senior year.