Sweet Valley High #5: All Night Long

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The moral of the story: It’s okay to stay out all night with a boy as long as you convince someone to cover for you.

The Big Deal: A party after the surfing contest.

Best Outfit: Dana Larson – oversized t-shirt over a red striped miniskirt, purple tights, black suede ankle boots

Synopsis: Jessica goes to a party at the lake with some guy named Scott and his college friends. He gets drunk and tries to get Jessica to sleep with him, but she fights him off and he gives up. They argue and he won’t give her his car keys. Then he falls asleep. So my question is, why doesn’t she take his keys while he’s sleeping? Instead, she curls up on the floor and goes to sleep herself.

Elizabeth goes to school the next day and pretends to be Jessica to keep her out of trouble. Everyone tells her she shouldn’t be such a doormat, but she’s “fiercely loyal to her twin” and won’t hear a word against her. Liz and Todd have a fight and break up.

Then, get this, Jessica gets mad that Liz failed a test she’d taken for Jessica. What a bitch. Then Liz and Todd make up, so that’s all good. And then Jessica finds out she can retake the test so she’s not mad at Liz anymore. Bill Chase wins the surfing competition and all is right with the world.

I don’t know what purpose the surfing competition serves in this book.


The problem was that no matter how much Elizabeth protested, Jessica knew her sister would always end up helping her out. And she unhesitatingly took advantage of that whenever she thought she could.

So, hey, here’s a thought: Stop helping her out!

The Cover: Holy mustache, Batman! This guy looks about thirty and Jessica looks like a crackwhore.