Sweet Valley High #55: Brooke and Her Rock-Star Mom

SVT055The Moral of the Story: Sometimes just running away or spilling a secret isn’t enough to get you what you want. Sometimes you have to do both.

The Big Deal: Video watching party at Lila’s, concert celebration at Lila’s, Coco concert


Brooke Dennis is freaking out over who she’s going to write her next Sixers article about. Everyone is doing pieces on celebrities and she can’t think of one that hasn’t been taken yet. She goes to the Wakefields’ and Jessica has her listen to a song on the radio by Coco, a hot new singer that nobody knows anything about yet. Brooke calls Coco’s agent and they promise to send her some info, and Jessica decides to start a fan club called Coco Crazy. Brooke is also nervous right now because her mother is coming to town to visit. Brooke hasn’t seen her for like nine months and she’s worried she won’t fit into her mother’s new family.

Brooke goes to the hotel where her mother is staying with her husband and new baby. She’s super excited to find out her mom is going to be staying in California, and then mom drops the bomb: she’s actually Coco (spoiler alert in the book title). Brooke is barely managing to wrap her head around that when Coco’s manager comes in and announces that Brooke can’t tell anyone who she is because it will ruin Coco’s rock star image. Celebrities with kids are BORING. Brooke’s mom and stepdad don’t really like it, but they’re going along with it for now because Bernice the coldhearted manager has gotten Coco this far.

Coco’s first music video comes out a couple days later and Lila has everyone over to watch it. Brooke won’t go, and she spends a lot of time by herself over the next week. One day, when the entire sixth grade class is at the mall for Coco’s autograph signing, Liz goes to Brooke’s house to find out what’s going on with her. Predictably, Brooke tells Liz everything. Meanwhile, at the autograph signing, Jessica overhears Coco’s manager mention the Sweet Valley Plaza, so she goes there to spy on Coco and find out why she answered all Jessica’s questions so vaguely. She follows Coco to her room and sees her hug a man and baby, and this brings her to the shocking conclusion that her favorite rock star is a MOTHER.

Jessica goes home and tells Liz what she found out, but in a bumbling way that somehow leads to Liz telling Jessica that Brooke is Coco’s daughter. Jessica promises to keep it quiet, but it doesn’t matter. The next morning Brooke, angry because her mother canceled weekend plans so she can do rock star stuff, calls the Sweet Valley Tribune and tells them Coco has a secret family. When the article comes out, Brooke is mobbed all day at school by people who suddenly want to be friends with her. She’s miserable and regrets what she did. Bernice the Cold-Hearted Manager pulls up while Brooke is walking home and tells her she’s ruined her mother’s career. Brooke decides to run away.

The next morning, after the police have been called and everyone is freaking out appropriately, Jessica tells Liz that Brooke is hiding in the basement. They ran into each other at a bus stop the day before and Jessica convinced Brooke to come home with her until she figures out where to go. Liz tells Brooke she can have some pancakes if she calls her mother right away. Pancakes are important.

Brooke and her mom have a talk about how Coco’s family is more important than her career. She’s going to fire Bernice the Terrible and find an agent who isn’t a witch. She had canceled her concert for the next night, but at Brooke’s insistence she un-cancels it. Brooke goes to the concert with Colin Harmon, a boy she’s been crushing on, and Coco pulls her onstage and everything is awesome.

In other news, the Wakefield parents keep finding food and messes around the house in weird places. Jessica thinks they’re getting suspicious so she convinces Liz and Steven they need to confess about the party they had while the parents were gone. Their punishment is that they have to clean the house in preparation for Aunt Helen’s upcoming visit.


Since she had moved to Sweet Valley many months before, [Brooke] had become one of Elizabeth’s closest friends.

That must be why we haven’t seen her since book #6.

“I think I’ll throw a big party to celebrate Coco’s concert,” Lila said importantly.

Parties to celebrate concerts are very important.

The Cover: You guys. You guys, stop dancing. You’re terrible. And untuck your shirts. You look ridiculous.

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  • Lauri October 27, 2016 at 10:04 pm

    There’s a lot of children of rock stars in Sweet Valley. Did this come out the same time as the SVH about Andrea & Jamie Peters?
    Could Lila’s party be the pregame for the concert?


  • AWJ October 28, 2016 at 4:36 am

    This made my Friday! Also love that the fact that Coco has a baby and a kid from a previous relationship, that she’s a mum is THE MOST SHOCKING THING EVER! It’s not like she was doing lines of coke of a strippers belly


  • Jenna October 28, 2016 at 5:11 pm

    You’re back!!! Yay!!!!!


  • Lily October 30, 2016 at 12:02 am

    LOL! Yeah, fans are apparently okay with drugs and strippers but having kids? That’s the worse. Lord knows how much Cher’s career was ruined when she had kids in 69 and 76.


  • rachierach November 23, 2016 at 8:02 pm

    OMG! This one was my fave when I was a kid!!


  • DeeMill January 1, 2017 at 10:36 pm

    Is anyone else totally NOT surprised that Elizabeth dances that way?


  • Alex Kennedy February 13, 2017 at 8:12 am

    1. How could you NOT know that your mother is a rock star?
    2. PUNISHMENT – clean up the house? Really? Love that parenting Negligent Ned and Absent Alice.


  • This series is very odd October 3, 2017 at 8:20 am

    Brooke looks better on the cover of SVT – “The New Girl.”

    Poor Brooke – her mother ignores her and now has a new baby.

    So she cannot tell anyone who her own MOTHER is – what a horrible parent!!! What is WRONG with some of these parents ie who think it is okay to do things like leave their kids by themselves while they go on holidays – ie this happened more in SVH than in SVT.

    oh Colin Harmon, “he’s so cute!!!”


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