Sweet Valley Twins #48: Mandy Miller Fights Back

SVT048The Moral of the Story: Wanna be popular? Get yourself a life-threatening illness!

The Big Deal: The Unicorns spend the whole book planning a party, but they end up canceling it.

Classmate with a Problem: Mandy Miller, wants to be a Unicorn


Mandy Miller has been hanging around the Unicorns, especially Jessica, and being super annoying and trying to get invited to join their club. During an emergency meeting before school, the Unicorns decide that while Mandy is very pleasant and makes them laugh, she just isn’t Unicorn material because she wears homemade clothes and she’s friendly and…well, I think that’s it. It’s decided that Jessica has to be the one to let her down.

Jessica is late to her social studies class because of the meeting, and she finds herself partnered up with Mandy for some project. Liz later tells Jessica that Mandy was the only one who was willing to work with her because Jessica sucks at school. In fact, she sucks so bad at school that Mrs. Arnette gives her a progress report to take home for her parents to sign.

Mandy invites Jessica over after school so they can talk about their project, and Jessica decides that will be the best time to give her the bad news about the Unicorns. But, of course, once she and Mandy get to talking, Jessica realizes they have a lot in common and she can’t bring herself to do it. When Mandy asks her to go to the library the next day, Jessica gets worried that someone will see them in public together. She offers to let Mandy borrow an outfit and Mandy tells her she’ll wear her own clothes, thank you very much.

Jessica finally manages to tell Mandy she isn’t going to be a Unicorn, but she kind of blunders her way through it and makes it sound like Mandy isn’t good enough for the club. Mandy gets mad and they yell at each other for a minute, and then Jessica goes home and feels sorry for herself. They apologize to each other the next day and go to Mandy’s house again to work on their project. It’s going to be a vaudeville routine, and while looking through a trunk of costumes, Mandy falls down. Mandy has also been dropping things lately. When they present their routine to the class on Friday, Mandy forgets one of her lines and her timing is off. When Jessica asks if she’s okay, Mandy says she’s been tired and there’s a bump under her arm that’s been bothering her.

Jessica doesn’t hear from Mandy all weekend, and she doesn’t come to school until Wednesday morning, when she faints during gym class and gets sent home. She stays home the rest of the week, and on Monday, Jessica gets a call from Mandy’s mother. Mandy wants to see her and it’s very important. Jessica is supposed to have dinner at Lila’s, but she visits Mandy instead.

Mandy has cancer. She’s going to have surgery on Friday and then they’ll know if it’s spread or not. Mandy tells Jessica it’s okay to tell everyone at school, so Jessica tells Caroline Pearce the next morning and by lunchtime everyone knows. Oddly, the Unicorns send Mandy flowers but don’t ask Jessica to sign the card. They don’t know Jessica and Mandy are friends, but it seems weird anyway. Mandy’s mother calls Jessica one day to tell her Mandy can finally have visitors. Jessica is surprised that all the Unicorns are already there. It turns out they didn’t invite her or ask her to sign the card because they thought Mandy and Jessica didn’t like each other after Jessica had to tell Mandy she wasn’t going to be a Unicorn.

When Mandy starts radiation and her hair falls out, the Unicorns use their party fund money to buy her a nice wig. Then they ask her to join the Unicorns. Mandy isn’t sure at first, but Jessica tells her she thinks the Unicorns really have come to like her. Mandy agrees to join.


“I may not have as much money as Lila Fowler, or as many clothes as Janet Howell,” she said through clenched teeth. “And I may not be as pretty as you are, or as popular as Ellen Riteman. But that doesn’t mean I’m not good enough to be a Unicorn!”

Oh, Mandy. Money, clothes, looks, and popularity are literally all the Unicorns care about.

Best Outfit: Mandy – khaki pants, red t-shirt that says “Ski Bear Valley,” army fatigue jacket, purple sneakers

The Cover: Jessica looks less sad about her sick friend, and more sad that Lila is stealing said friend.


  • Awin October 1, 2015 at 11:35 am

    LOVING the recent updates, hoping for more soon!

    Btw, if Mandy is such a down to earth gal with homemade clothes, why does she even want to be a Unicorn?

    Typical Lila only to care when someone’s seriously ill, haha!


  • KannaChan October 1, 2015 at 7:58 pm

    Mandy is the SVT version of Robin Wilson, except without the fat and the fact that Mandy actually got into the group she wanted to. Seriously, that was who I was thinking about the whole time I was reading this book. And though I normally like Mandy, she came across as WAY too desperate in this book, to the point where she was kind of annoying.


  • kylie90210 February 10, 2016 at 2:42 am

    So happy you’re still updating! Great review!


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