Sweet Valley Twins #7: Three’s a Crowd

The Moral of the Story: Hey, all you foster kids. Don’t make any rash decisions about letting people adopt you. Your real parents are probably out there looking for you.


The Unicorns need to raise money to sponsor a dance, so they decide to collect recipes from their favorite celebrities and sell them in a celebrity cookbook. Jessica volunteers Liz and her typewriter, and because Liz has no choice but to succumb to Jessica’s every whim, she agrees. She’s supposed to call Mr. Bowman to get some information for her Career Day article, but she has Jessica call him instead while she types Jessica’s letter to Parker Smith. Naturally, Jessica doesn’t write anything down, and she gets all the names and dates wrong when she relays the information to Liz. Blah blah blah, Liz has to stay up all night retyping her article after Mr. Bowman tells her everything is wrong.

Mary Giaccio has been hanging around the Wakefield house a lot lately. Jessica is irritated because it seems like Mary would rather hang out with Mrs. Wakefield than with Jessica. Mary invites herself over almost every day. Jessica pretends to be sick one day just so she can tell Mary she can’t come over, but she just comes home with Liz instead. Jessica’s getting pissed. Liz notices Mary’s obsession with Mrs. Wakefield, too, and she reluctantly agrees when Jessica asks her not to invite Mary over anymore.

After a few days of making up excuses whenever Mary invites herself over, Liz goes ahead and tells her the truth, that Mary follows Mrs. Wakefield around all the time and it’s weird. Mary spends a few days being depressed, and then she gives Jessica her bracelet so they can be friends again. Mary’s had this bracelet for as long as she can remember, and Jessica has always admired it.

And that’s how it comes to pass that Mary and Jessica are hanging out at the Wakefield house when they spill grape juice on the “ditto master” of the school newspaper. Instead of telling Liz what happened, they decide to fix it themselves, changing headlines as Jessica sees fit and misspelling words all over the place. Ned Wakefield comes home that night and says Mary’s foster mother called him that day. She and her husband are interested in adopting Mary and they want to know the legal process. Now Ned is an adoption lawyer. Jessica thinks this is wonderful news and she knows just how to spread the word. She sneaks the newspaper into her room and handwrites a line about Mary getting adopted in the gossip column.

Mary is horrified when the paper comes out, and so is Liz. Mary tells Liz she could never let anyone adopt her because she’s sure her real mother is out there somewhere, looking for her. When Mary was little, her mother left her in the care of a friend while she went to Florida to care for her sick grandmother. The friend took Mary to California and then abandoned her. The authorities took Mary and put her in foster care, and nobody’s been able to find Mary’s mother in the last seven years.

Until one day…

Liz is sitting outside the school waiting for Amy when a woman who looks just like her mother shows up. She’s looking for Mary. Liz knows Mary is at home with Jessica, so she takes this strange woman to her house. Liz, didn’t anyone ever tell you about STRANGER DANGER? Anyway, Liz figures out this woman is Mary’s mother.

So, big reunion. Lots of hugging. Mary’s mother is so enchanted with Sweet Valley that she decides to move there. The celebrity cookbook is a success and the school newspaper wins a contest. Just another day in Sweet Valley.


“Hi, Amy and Elizabeth,” interrupted Lois. She lumbered over to the stage.

Fat people have to “lumber” around. Because, you know, they’re fat.

The Cover: Liz, wipe that smug off your face. You did not find Mary’s mother for her. And can we discuss Mary’s hair for a moment? It looks like a mop.



  • Jessica Squits the Quad April 6, 2011 at 9:37 pm

    Jeez, I feel sorry for Mary’s foster parents who wanted to adopt her! They obviously really cared about her but their seven years of hard work and love goes unappreciated.

    And Ned an adoption lawyer now? LOL! Pick a field and stick to it, Ned!

    Not only does Lois lumber, she also “interrupts”! Because fat people are always getting in the way, you know.


  • Meredith April 7, 2011 at 11:17 am

    I like Liz’s hair more in junior high than high school. 🙂


  • Janelle April 7, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    So excited you’re doing the Twins books- they were always my favorite!


  • Annie April 10, 2011 at 5:22 pm

    I’m also really excited you’re recapping these books. I recently re-read the first ten or so and was interested in seeing what other people thought of them. I actually read the twins books before I got into SVH back in the late 80s, so these are what gave me my first impressions of the whole Sweet Valley world.

    I can’t wait for you to get to #9 Against the Rules. It is just soooo wrong in several ways.


  • Natasha October 22, 2016 at 2:23 am

    I hate this one. Liz is such a snob thinking she’s the only one who can write she gets all high and mighty about it. Jess was just trying to help.

    And why does Lois need to lumber to the stage? Why can’t she walk? This ghostwriter did a terrible job with this one.


  • Alex Kennedy November 16, 2016 at 8:12 am

    ^^^Lois is always lumbering. If this upsets you, read “Power Play” – SVH Book # 4. The way in which fat people are depicted in all of these books is disgusting. They are never portrayed as normative characters and the way in which Jessica treats Robin in SVH is horrific.


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