Sweet Valley High Senior Year #47: Senior Cut Day

The Moral of the Story: Even Conner McDermott can have fun at a theme park.


Well, it’s Thursday, the day after prom, and it’s senior cut day. Guess which one of our favorite characters is so stupid that he forgot to stay home from school? If you said Ken Matthews, you’re absolutely right. By the time he figures out why he and the nerds are the only seniors at school, it’s too late; the teachers have already noticed him and he can’t leave. Throughout the day, the nerds keep asking him what it’s like to be popular, and they ask him if they can all eat lunch at the jock table since the jocks aren’t there. Barf. The seniors get to co-teach classes on cut day, and Coach Riley asks Ken to help him out with a couple of girls who can’t get the hang of volleyball. Ken actually helps the girls and he feels good about it. Yay, Ken.

Moving on to more exciting things…

Jessica and Evan decide to get the whole gang together for a road trip to Universal Studios. Liz finds out Conner’s going, so she’s all excited, but Jeremy wanted to spend the day alone with Jessica (I guess it’s Big Mesa’s senior skip day, too?), and Jade just wanted to hang out at the beach. Neither of them says anything, of course, they just act all grumpy.

Dave and Andy take Conner, Liz, Tia and Trent in Dave’s minivan, while Jeremy, Jessica, Jade and Evan ride in Jeremy’s car. Can you imagine? Both girls in Jeremy’s car have dated both guys. And they’re all friends now? Sure. The vehicles get separated on the way to the park, so the groups spend the day separately.

Jessica’s crew goes to see if there’s anything being filmed, and Jessica and Evan are approached by a director. He needs extras, but he doesn’t want Jeremy or Jade. Jessica and Evan are super excited and immediately say yes, and Jeremy and Jade are pissed. They go off on their own to pout. After they make fun of Jessica and Evan for a little while, they decide to have a good time after all. They go on the Mummy ride and get some cotton candy and make a pact not to be mad at Jessica and Evan.

Jessica and Evan get all made up and they look like rock stars. They get hurried onto the set for a nightclub scene, and the director tells them their job is to stand by the bar and make out. Evan isn’t sure he can do it, but Jessica assures him it’s going to be okay. He tries to get away with fake kissing, but the director isn’t fooled. He tells them to start kissing for real or get out, so they really start making out. An hour later, their lips are chapped and their jaws are sore, but the director finally tells the extras they can go. It was pretty awful, but they’re very excited that they’re going to be in a movie.

Meanwhile, Liz is going crazy because Conner is acting like nothing happened last night. I guess she expects him to start talking about it in front of everyone. Liz wants to go on the ET ride, but nobody will go with her. Conner finally steps up and says he’ll go. While they’re in line, Conner tells her that last night meant a lot to him and he really does care about her, but they’ll both be moving on next year and besides, they made each other miserable as a couple. Liz realizes he’s right and she finally, FINALLY decides she’s really over him.

So, in conclusion:

  • There is nothing new and exciting in the lives of Tia and Trent or Andy and Dave.
  • Jessica and Evan are keeping their day of making out a secret.
  • Jade and Jeremy are not mad at Jessica and Evan.
  • Conner and Liz are over each other.
  • Ken thinks he might want to be a gym teacher.

When Liz gets home that night, there’s a letter in the mail from Oxford University in England. I guess she won that contest. She doesn’t know if she wants to go or how she’d break the news to Jessica. Jessica starts talking to Liz about their upcoming eighteenth birthday and she wants to make plans, but Liz isn’t so excited about it, considering what happened last year.

The Cover: Evan kind of looks like one of those big-mouthed Muppets.

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  • Lauri June 3, 2010 at 8:19 am

    Does anyone else notice that this meant their prom was on a Wednesday night? Ghostwriter fail.


    Dee Reply:

    My prom was actually on a Tuesday or Wednesday night also. I dont know why schools do that…to stop us from drinking because we have school the next day? Who knows.

    In other news, one more book to go! Shannon, are you excited? 🙂


    Shannon Reply:

    So excited!


  • L July 21, 2010 at 12:14 am

    Do you by any chance know what font Jessica’s handwriting is?


    J Reply:

    Jessica’s handwriting font is Wiesbaden Swing.


  • Enid the Penid August 31, 2011 at 4:33 pm

    How is it possibly that a fugger like Evan (or the model) would be chosen over Jeremy to be an extra? Ig.


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