Sweet Valley High Senior Year #33: Me, Me, Me

The Moral of the Story: Elizabeth Wakefield is the worst friend ever.

The Big Deal: Basketball game


Winter break is over. Tia and Trent have been seeing each other every day, Ken has been worrying over the Michigan scholarship, Will isn’t speaking to Melissa because she blabbed to Ken about it, Liz has decided to focus on herself and nobody else, and Evan has decided he wants Jade back. Now you’re all caught up.

Liz pretends to be sick so she can skip work and go to an interview at Scope magazine. They have an internship available and Liz thinks it’s the perfect thing to make her forget about Conner. Has she been sitting around this whole time grieving her crappy relationship with that jackass? Jessica is a little worried about her because Liz tends to get a little obsessive about things. Liz gets the internship and then bothers her friends, asking them for ideas on what she can write about. Ken reacts strangely when she says something about ethics and sports, and she gets annoyed when he won’t tell her what his problem is or give her any story ideas.

Evan asks Jade to have coffee with him. He gets to House of Java early, and a couple of really obnoxious friends of his from El Carro sit with him. The girl, Roni, flirts with him and Jade is pretty confused because she was under the impression that Evan had asked her out on a date. Roni is a bitch to her and Jade leaves after just a few minutes. Evan is an idiot and can’t figure out what her problem is. Jade has quit the cheerleading squad to play basketball this semester, and the first big game is against Big Mesa. Naturally, Roni is Big Mesa’s forward. When Jade finds out Evan came to see Roni play and not her, she gets pissed. Blah, blah, who cares, Evan and Jade get together after the game and make out.

Will and Melissa have a fight about her and her big fat mouth, and Will tells Ken he should take the scholarship no matter how he got it. Ken can’t decide what to do and he annoys Maria with his constant hemming and hawing. Maria tells Liz she wants to talk about it, but Liz is so caught up in her internship that she can’t be bothered to talk about stupid Ken. When Maria finally tells her what’s going on, all Liz can think about is what a great story it would make. She writes a proposal and plans to pitch it to her boss.

Jessica and Jeremy have been hanging out with Trent and Tia. They all think it’s so awesome that the guys are roommates and the girls are such good friends. Jessica wants to get Liz to stop obsessing about her internship, so she suggests the guys pick one of their friends to set Liz up with. Trent is the only one who thinks it’s a good idea, but they all go along with it. Of course, when date night rolls around, Liz cancels because she has to work late. They have a good time without her, and Jessica dances with Trent a few times at the Riot. Tia and I are the only ones who think maybe Jessica has a crush on Trent. Even Jessica doesn’t seem to notice.

Liz isn’t having a good night. She went into work all ready to pitch her idea to the boss, Joanna, but her supervisor, Leo, asks her to do some research and get some quotes. When she’s finished, Joanna has already left for the night. Liz thinks she should give her proposal to Leo to give to Joanna, but when she gets to his desk, Leo is on the phone, telling Joanna about all the quotes he got and the research he did. Liz is appalled he would take credit for her work. She tells him he sucks and then leaves. When Liz gets home, she realizes her “me, me, me” attitude is horrible and if she keeps it up she’s going to become just like that crappy Leo.

Ken sits through an excruciating dinner with his father, Hank the Michigan scout and the Michigan coach. Ken hates Hank, but the coach seems like a really good guy. The coach’s awesomeness is what seals the deal for Ken. He calls the school later in the week to tell him he’ll accept the scholarship, but an assistant coach answers the phone. He says it’s too bad Coach won’t be back next year. Ken is pissed. He’s pretty much been lied to every step of the way, so he decides he’s not going. Mr. Matthews is quite disappointed.

The Cover: I have absolutely nothing interesting to say about this cover.


  • Sandy April 30, 2010 at 1:42 pm

    All I can hope for is more Roni drama. Is that bad?


    Shannon Reply:

    Absolutely not. I want some more Roni drama, too. Jade deserves a little humble pie every now and then.


  • megan s. April 30, 2010 at 7:41 pm

    wow. boring book! lol


  • tia maria May 1, 2010 at 11:28 am

    Nice to see Liz do some actual journalism in this series. But since when has she crowdsourced from her friends? She normally gets an idea in her head and stubbornly pursues the story regardless of whether anyone else gives a rat’s arse.

    And surely Jade can’t be playing basketball! Girls don’t play sports unless they’re freaks of nature (Shelley Novac), have some deep, dark secret (Claire Middleton) or are being pushed into it by Mummy (that Kirstin girl). That Jade, she’s so wacky and rebellious…


    Shannon Reply:

    You’re totally right about girls playing sports. Hmmm, Jade comes from a broken home, and she’s Chinese so she’s probably really short. I’m betting she has something to prove!


  • Jessica Squits the Quad May 15, 2010 at 10:42 pm

    The cover: is Liz even wearing a bra? Ew. I hope she wears one to her internship. Only teen guys fall over themselves for Wakefield boobs, not prospective employers!


  • Mara June 18, 2011 at 9:05 pm

    Every time I read “El Carro” I mentally roll the R. El Carrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrro!


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