Sweet Valley High Senior Year #16: Three Girls and a Guy

The Moral of the Story: If you work too much, your boyfriend is going to make out with some other chick.


Andy is starting to get seriously annoying. He picks up Six for a date and gets totally flustered because she’s showing a little cleavage. And not just flustered, but scared. He still doesn’t know exactly how he feels about her so he’s basically afraid to be alone with her because then she might try to make out with him or something. In the car after dinner, Six starts unbuttoning her shirt and Andy just about has a heart attack. He goes to sleep that night wondering why he’s not attracted to Six. Andy, I’d like you to meet Tom McKay. I think you two might have a lot in common.

Conner is still being a whiny little bitch about Liz’s job. And I guess he kind of has a reason to be: his mom is coming home from rehab and he really wants Liz to be there for moral support the night before she gets there. Surprise, surprise, Liz has to work, so Conner walks over to Tia’s in the pouring rain. Tia gives him some of Angel’s old sweats to change into while Conner’s clothes dry, and they start talking about the fact that Conner’s afraid of what his mom is going to be like. They’re sitting very close together and looking very intense when Liz suddenly bursts in to surprise Conner. She gets a little weirded out when Tia and Conner nervously say they were just talking.

Ken’s father’s girlfriend, Asha, apologizes to Ken for her and Mr. Matthews missing the awards banquet on Friday night. She insists on making dinner for the Matthews men on Monday night. Maria comes over and gets along great with Asha, but then Ken’s dad calls and says he has to work late and won’t be able to make it. Asha looks really disappointed and Ken is pissed at his dad because it seems like he’s just avoiding his girlfriend. He’s a senior reporter and he should have been able to delegate the assignment that made him miss dinner.  A couple days later, Ken wakes up in the morning feeling really good about his father’s relationship, but when he goes down to breakfast, some woman who is not Asha is hanging out in Mr. Matthews’ bathrobe. Gross.

Andy goes on a couple more dates with Six, but it’s becoming increasingly obvious to him that he’s just not at all attracted to her. He does have a great time talking to Six’s brother, Travis, but doesn’t think anything of it until he notices himself checking Travis out and his heart actually skips a beat. He eventually comes to terms with the possibility that he might be gay, and he manages to break things off with Six without hurting her too much.

Tia comes to the mall the next day to see Liz on her break, and she gets really uncomfortable when Liz starts interrogating her about what she and Conner were talking about the night before. Liz is really upset that she’s not involved in every aspect of Conner’s life, and she’s a little jealous of the closeness Conner and Tia share. Meanwhile, Conner’s mother comes home and actually seems better. She cooks for the first time in years and makes Conner’s favorite dinner. Conner is feeling pretty good about this and calls Liz later to tell her all about it. Mrs. Wakefield says Liz is at work, so Conner sighs and calls Tia. They meet at House of Java, and Tia can’t believe how upbeat and happy Conner seems. She gives him a hug and is shocked when she feels a less than platonic emotion.

Maria decides to stick her nose in where it doesn’t belong and tell Conner that Liz is feeling insecure about him talking to Tia and not her about all his home stuff. Conner dwells on it all day and gets angrier and angrier that Liz has been talking to Maria about what’s going on with his mom. They’re supposed to go out that night, but Conner calls and says he’s sick because he doesn’t want to deal with her. He goes to Tia’s instead and they fall asleep watching a movie. They wake up facing each other in the morning and suddenly start kissing. They both think maybe they should stop, but it just feels too good. Inevitably, Liz barges in (doesn’t she ever knock?) and starts crying when she sees them. Then Mrs. Ramirez comes into the room and sees Conner and Tia in bed together. This is bad news, folks.

The Cover: This is the cheesiest picture. Does Liz’s hat say “LOL?” And I hate Conner’s stupid face. And Maria’s. I think this is the worst one yet.

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  • Dee March 22, 2010 at 12:33 pm

    Cover: Liz is cute, but seriously that hat? And Connor shouldn’t smile in any of these covers. It doesnt go with his character.

    No Liz never knocks. Becuase if she knocked, there would be no catching of Tia and Connor kissing. And then there would be no scandalous storyline. The more I read these recaps, the more I shake my head at how predictable these books were.

    I liked Ken’s storyline, though. For some reason, I found it to be the most realistic one of the bunch in this book.


    Shannon Reply:

    Oh man, you know it’s bad when Ken Matthews is the highlight of the book.

    They are SO predictable. Every book is pretty much the same.


  • megan s. March 22, 2010 at 6:51 pm

    why is it called 3 girls and a guy when all Maria did was tell Connor what Liz should have told him anyway?

    And why did Liz go to Tia’s house first thing in the morning? And wouldn’t Tia’s mom notice Connors car in the driveway all night??


    Shannon Reply:

    Those are all great questions. The only one I can answer is the thing about Conner’s car: he walked to Tia’s.


  • Fear Street March 22, 2010 at 9:14 pm

    How many Senior Year books are there? You’ve suffered long enough!


    Shannon Reply:

    There are 48. Just kill me now.


    megan s. Reply:

    48? what a weird number to stop on!


  • HelenB March 23, 2010 at 1:03 am

    Actually, I think that of all the things that are irritating me about this series, the worst one is Conner’s name. Shouldn’t it be ‘Conor’?!


    Shannon Reply:

    I don’t know, I have a cousin named Connor (which I think is a better spelling than Conner). I think it’s one of those names that has a few different acceptable spellings.


    Elizabeth Reply:

    play on words? he likes to con people? hence the -er instead of -or? i don’t think the ghost writer are that sophisticated. i leave that kind of name-play up to J.K. Rowling or Charles Dickens.

    on the other hand, names like Bruce and Winston do very aptly convey certain character traits to me … however, that’s a chicken/egg problem since i grew up with those characters.


  • Sandy March 24, 2010 at 11:58 am

    They’ve introduced 2 gay characters, but have yet to introduce sex with any of the main characters. I’m just sayin’.


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