Sweet Valley High Senior Year #14: Split Decision

The Moral of the Story: If your boyfriend goes away to college, you’ll have no choice but to cheat on him. Immediately.


Tia is freaking out because she made out with some guy named Trent last night. Conner comes over first thing in the morning to yell at her. Trent calls Tia that night and asks her to meet him at House of Java after school on Wednesday. She decides to go – just so she can tell him she can’t see him anymore, of course. Yeah, right.

Jessica goes to school Monday morning all ready to make things right with Will, but since the last time we saw him, Will has gotten back together with Melissa. This guy is such a worthless piece of crap. Jessica does her best to hold her head high, but she’s terrified people are going to start talking about her again. Conner has another gig at House of Java, and Liz makes Jessica go and be social. Andy’s friend Evan, who had a crush on Liz for a minute, buys Jessica a cappuccino. Jessica is smitten until he starts making fun of her for being a cheerleader. He comes into House of Java the next day while Jessica is working and flirts with her a little. I don’t know what this guy’s deal is, but I really wish he’d go away because I want Jessica to get back together with Jeremy.

Tia has been trying like crazy to get in touch with Angel, but he’s never in his dorm and he answers her long ridiculous emails with little nothings like, “Miss you! Love, Angel.” Tia’s mother shows Tia the $223.78 phone bill and tells her things are getting ridiculous. Tia realizes she’s turning into one of those girls and vows to stop being so desperate. At House of Java, Trent asks her to go out with him Saturday night. Tia doesn’t answer him, just says he can call her and then gets up and runs away. Meanwhile, Angel is at college toiling away over a letter to Tia and not liking anything he can come up with. He decides he’ll just go home for the weekend and surprise her. See where this is going?

Andy (who is apparently the new Winston Egbert, corny jokes and all) is having trouble at school. He’s had a meeting with a guidance counselor because he hasn’t really given much thought to college. He decides it’s time to buckle down and start thinking about his future. His friends tell him he should join the Outdoors Club, so that’s what he does. He meets a nice sophomore girl named Six (how original) and thinks she might be fun to be friends with. Liz gets a job at the mall’s makeup counter and she decides to get the whole gang together at the Riot to celebrate. Andy decides to ask Six to go, too. Everyone loves her, but Liz tells Andy she thinks Six has a crush on him. Andy, of course, says she’s totally wrong. Why?

Jessica dances with Evan, but suddenly freaks out for some reason and runs out of the club. The next morning, Liz accuses her of being shallow and not liking Evan just because he dresses all grungy. Jessica tells her to mind her own business, but then worries that really might be the reason. She’s not sure. Andy goes to Six’s parents’ store to get equipped for some hike the Outdoors Club is going on, and reassures himself over and over that what Liz mistook for a crush was really just Six being excited to hang out with seniors. He tells himself that during the hike and all the way up the mountain. He keeps telling himself that right up until Six kisses him.

Tia and Trent go bowling. She convinces herself it’s not a date. Yeah, right. You already made out with this guy. Why would you think this isn’t a date? Trent drives her home and is just about to kiss her goodbye when Tia notices Angel’s car in the driveway. She runs inside and makes out with Angel for a little while. They go out to dinner and have an argument about her many phone calls and emails and his complete lack of response. Afterward, Tia goes to Conner’s to try to talk things out. Conner gets mad at her because he wants her to tell Angel the truth. She accuses him of being hypocritical and cheating on all his girlfriends. Conner tells her to leave.

Angel goes to House of Java on Sunday morning and Jeremy says he’s sorry he and Tia broke up. Angel presses him for details and Jeremy awkwardly tells him Tia is seeing someone else. Angel goes to Tia’s and gets there just as she’s trying to shove Trent away. Angel is just about to punch him, but Tia says Trent didn’t know about him. Trent kind of says, “See ya,” and takes off, and Angel asks Tia what the hell is going on. They break up. It’s very sad.

The Cover: Tia’s cute, but that shirt is hideous.

  • The One With... March 17, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    That sure is one awful shirt. And why, if Tia’s having such horrible boy issues, is she so happy? Even in the top I-put-my-hand-on-my-forehead-because-I-feel-all-angsty shot she’s smiling.


  • Ellie March 17, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    I don’t get why they didn’t just keep Winston for this role. Maybe bc it was important for him to be best pals with Connor and Tia?

    Also, I find it hard to believe that Jeremy knows Angel well enough at this point to say something to him about personal stuff. They have the loosest connection imaginable in this series. Such a contrivance for plot purposes … oh wait that’s ever plot point.


  • Dee March 18, 2010 at 2:17 pm

    I like Tia, but I was never emotionally invested in her and Angel as a couple at all. Especially since I feel like they broke up before we even got used to them being together.

    And was this the book where Elizabeth writes in her journal that “Tia and Angel broke up, that means no one is safe?” Even when I was younger, I thought she sounded so melodramatic. Like they were a terrorism threat or something.


    Shannon Reply:

    I think it is! Liz is the queen of melodrama.

    I felt the same way about Tia and Angel. I don’t even care about their characters. Why should I care if they break up?


  • megan s. March 19, 2010 at 2:17 am

    I don’t care about anyone in this series except for Jessica and Jeremy.

    I hate Andy and I miss Winnie 🙁


    Shannon Reply:

    I pretty much feel exactly the same way.


  • Confused April 13, 2011 at 8:55 pm

    Is it just me or is Elizabeth getting more and more bitchy to point that I just want to shake her?


  • Angela2BPecked June 3, 2011 at 7:56 pm

    I look at this cover and for some reason the Brady Bunch theme starts reeling through my head!…lol…


  • Nikki August 8, 2012 at 9:54 pm

    u guys make me look back at this series and laugh at some of the ridiculous-ness of it. how did i never notice?!


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