Sweet Valley High Senior Year #10: Broken Angel

The Moral of the Story: One week of gambling will turn you into a gambling addict.

The Big Deal: Jock kidnap


Angel is supposed to hang out with Conner and Tia, and when he doesn’t show up, Conner decides to look for him at the track. And that’s where they find him crying because he lost all the money he’s been saving for when he goes to Stanford in January. Tia is horrified. When Angel tells his parents what happened, his father fires him from the garage he owns where Angel has been working. Angel’s dad is kind of an ass. Tia makes Conner and Andy brainstorm with her to figure out how Angel can get back some of his money. Conner’s mom is on a lot of charity boards, so he thinks Angel should apply for one of her scholarships or something and she can put in a good word for him. Tia goes to Angel’s to tell him about Conner’s plan, but Angel has decided he’s just not going to go to Stanford. He tries to tell Tia that all of this happened for a reason and him going to college just isn’t meant to be. Tia tells him it happened because he fucked up. They have a big fight. Angel goes to Conner for a little support, but Conner also tells him he’s an idiot if he doesn’t go to Stanford.

Jessica gets up on Saturday morning and goes to House of Java to try to get Jeremy to believe she wasn’t on a date with Will. He says he actually does believe her, but he’s breaking up with her anyway because he thinks she likes Will whether she was on a date with him or not. Jessica goes home and tries to talk to Liz, but Liz is still all messed up about Conner, so other people’s problems just don’t matter to her anymore. She makes Jessica watch Casablanca with her. She’s really annoying, but still preferable to the Elizabeth who shoulder patted everyone condescendingly all through junior year. Just barely though.

Jessica goes to work on Sunday and tries again to get Jeremy to listen. He’s adamant about staying broken up because he wants her to “prove” that she doesn’t like Will. Oh, come on, Jeremy. Jessica decides she’ll prove that by not going out with Will, but then Will calls that night and asks her to come over to his house on Tuesday to finish planning the kidnap. And Jessica agrees. At least she remembers to say she’ll bring Tia with her.

Ken is bummed about not being allowed back on the football team, but he wants to at least start working out again. He goes to the YMCA and runs into Todd. Todd says he wishes Ken could play again because there’s a team unity problem. The El Carro kids are acting like they own the team and there have been a few fights. Ken shows up to Tuesday’s practice and starts running laps with the team. Coach yells at him for a while and tries to tell him to leave, but finally says Ken can practice with them. Coach eventually tells him he can stick out the season as a second stringer. Ken is overjoyed. Hooray. I don’t care.

When Jessica gets to Will’s house on Tuesday, she immediately starts getting all fluttery and weird. I hate that she still likes this asshole. He puts on a Frank Sinatra album and they start dancing for some reason. They’re just about to kiss when Tia walks in. Things are pretty awkward after that, but they manage to plan the stupid kidnap.

Angel decides to go out and get another job. He gets hired at his first interview, but he’s upset when he finds out he’s going to be a janitor. He apparently thought he’d be an IT guy or something. Tia is totally depressed because Angel hasn’t called since their fight. Maria tells her Angel should try to be an RA when he goes to school because he’ll get free room and board and a check every month. When Tia tells Angel, he acts all sad because he thinks Tia doesn’t really love him and she’s just trying to get rid of him. Oh my god, I hate you both. Tia convinces him that’s not true and he agrees to give the RA thing a try.

Conner’s mother comes home trashed on Saturday night and says she forgot to find out about Angel’s scholarship. Conner yells at her for a while and then Mrs. Sandborn leaves in a huff. A little while later, someone from the hospital calls and says she’s been in an accident.

Sunday morning is the kidnap. This involves five people driving, and they all go around to everyone’s houses and drag people out of bed. At one of the football player’s houses, everyone tackles the guy on the bed, and Jessica and Will somehow get thrown off the pile. They land on the floor on top of each other, and since neither of them have any sort of willpower, they end up kissing. Nobody else seems to notice.

The Cover: I wonder why Angel’s back there in the shadows. Tia’s cute. This is just about the first cover that hasn’t made me want to punch the people on it.

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  • Sandy March 8, 2010 at 1:04 pm

    Kissing after being thrown off a dog pile!?!? *vomits*
    I hate them.


    Lindsay Reply:

    I second the hate


  • megan s. March 8, 2010 at 5:34 pm

    um i dont think you can be an RA until after your freshman year. at least it was that way in both the colleges i went too!


    Shannon Reply:

    There you go, trying to apply logic to a Sweet Valley book!


    megan s. Reply:



  • Christine March 9, 2010 at 12:31 am

    Big mistake lumping 3 new characters together in a subplot – don’t they know one of the Sweet Valley regulars should be there too, or we’ll just tune out? AngelTiaAndyConnerdosomethingwhocares…skiiiiip!

    Thank you for calling Liz on her self-absorption. Other people’s problems *don’t* matter. Nothing matters but Conner! Misters before Sisters!

    Jessica/Will… who saw that coming? Not me. What a delightful surprise. He’s such a charmer. I’ve been rooting for those two crazy kids from the start. Can you say SOULMATES? Puhleeeze keep ’em together forever! And jerkify Jeremy some more! (I’m all out of rants – reverse psychology is all I’ve got left. Too obvious a ploy? There’s *nothing* too obvious for these ghostwriters!)


    Christine Reply:

    Sheepish P.S. …um, 4 new characters. Math *is* hard. 🙂


    Shannon Reply:

    Oh, it doesn’t matter. They might as well all be one person for all I care. They’re all so annoying!


  • Jenn March 11, 2010 at 6:28 am

    A little random continuity here! Liz is still watching Casablanca and talking about it being her favorite movie and quoting the damn song, in the SVU books!


    Janelle Reply:

    She also talks about it being her favorite movie in SVH- she and Todd watch it all the time…


    Shannon Reply:

    Of all the thing to keep consistent they choose Liz’s love of Casablanca?


  • candice March 22, 2010 at 3:59 am

    hi.. do you sell svh senior year? kundly email me. tnx


    Shannon Reply:

    No…I just recap the books.


  • rachel August 6, 2012 at 5:26 pm

    I never read senior year so I’m reading these recaps and when the hell did Todd and Ken start playing football?? Wasn’t basketball their thing? And what, is he on the other side of the school now too? All the times he has interfered and gotten jealous of liz’s potential hookups and now he just is over it?


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