Sweet Valley High Super Edition #12: Aftershock

SVHSE12Read part one of this miniseries here. Read part two here.

The Big Deal: Olivia’s funeral.


The Wakefields are staying at Fowler Crest while their house is being rebuilt. Sweet Valley is all fucked up. The Dairi Burger, the Beach Disco, Miller’s Point, the movie theater – pretty much everything besides the school is ruined. White Maria sets up a refugee center because the only people in town who can do things like that are sixteen-year-olds.

Liz can’t remember anything that happened during the earthquake, but she and Enid assume Devon is the one who saved their lives. I don’t know why. I thought it was an EMT guy. Either way, it wasn’t Devon and he feels like crap about it. Liz and Enid stop by his house one day to thank him, and he totally accepts their thanks. He feels kind of ashamed of himself, but Liz seems to love him again so he just keeps on lying. Unfortunately, Enid seems to love him now, too. She tells a reporter that Devon saved her life, and suddenly a gaggle of them are on his front lawn, asking him questions about his heroic act. Enid keeps throwing herself at Devon, which annoys both him and Liz.

Black Maria tells Liz she overheard her and Devon arguing the night of the earthquake, and she says Devon absolutely wasn’t the one who saved her. Liz is a stupid bitch and thinks Maria is lying to her. She gets pissed and leaves. They make up a few pages later and Maria hypnotizes Liz to help her remember. I don’t get what Liz’s deal is. It seems like she knows she was electrocuted by downed power lines, but she’s totally confused by the burn marks on her legs and doesn’t know where they came from. She turns the whole thing into a mystery she needs to solve.

Jessica is a total mess and can’t stop thinking about Alyssa, the girl whose life she failed to save. She has nightmares every night and feels totally guilty. One night, she sneaks out of Fowler Crest after a particularly bad dream and heads to the high school. She’s sitting on the bleachers in the stadium when Ken Matthews shows up and sits down next to her. They talk about their guilty feelings for a few minutes and it seems like they’re both starting to feel better, but when Jessica says she wishes she were dead, Ken freaks out. Like, out of nowhere starts yelling about how he’s way worse off than Jessica. Then he leaves. Whatever, dude. Jessica eventually talks to Alyssa’s brother, Bryan. He’s feeling the guilt, too. He and Jessica tell each other it was nobody’s fault, the fucking earthquake did it.

Ever since Lila and Todd almost kissed in the Wakefields’ bathroom, neither one of them can stop thinking about it. But for some reason, they keep bickering every time they see each other. It’s really kind of annoying.

Olivia’s funeral is held in the Davidsons’ back yard. While everyone is taking turns saying a few words about Olivia, Liz catches a glimpse of Dana’s snake-shaped arm cuff thing. Suddenly, she remembers the snake in the pool, and that memory is apparently the key to all the other memories. Now she remembers that Devon was too scared to help her, and she’s incredibly pissed off that he would pretend to be a hero.

Everyone says such nice things about Olivia, and Lila, who wants to turn over a new leaf, feels bad that she was too much of a snob to get to know her. After the service, she starts crying and then suddenly Todd is there hugging her. Lila’s fine with that, but then Todd kisses her. She is completely disgusted that he would kiss her at a funeral, so she tells him off and stomps away. She and Amy go shopping.

Liz catches up to Devon as he tries to sneak away from the funeral. She tells him she remembers him running away after the earthquake, but he denies it and insists he saved her. Liz still can’t remember who actually pulled her away from the fire, but she knows it wasn’t him. Other people are leaving the service and there’s now a crowd gathered around Liz and Devon. Ken overhears what they’re talking about and says he saw with his own eyes that some guy he didn’t recognize pulled Enid and Liz away, not Devon. Devon finally admits he lied. He leaves the funeral and thinks it’s about time to get out of Sweet Valley.

Liz and Todd talk that night. They haven’t been able to stop thinking about each other, but Todd is still too hurt to forgive and forget. They decide to take the summer away from each other and see where they stand afterward.

If Ronnie Edwards had a funeral, I didn’t hear about it and nobody attended. Aw, poor Ronnie.


With a big sigh, Lila gave up. She simply hadn’t had enough practice being kind and warm to make a difference in Jessica’s black mood. She wasn’t Elizabeth Wakefield, giving out advice at every opportunity.

And we are forever grateful.

Maybe this walk will help her snap out of it, Elizabeth hoped.

Jessica is feeling suicidal because a little girl died right in front of her, but a walk on the beach is sure to fix things. I think Liz is overestimating the powers of the ocean just a little.

“Enid didn’t know she was going to be on television,” she told Lila.

“There’s no excuse for a dress that bad,” Lila replied.

I love that Lila’s vow to stop being such a snob does not stop her from making fun of Enid’s ugly clothes.

[Ken is] a great friend, Elizabeth thought. No wonder I had that crush on him for a while.

I think you mean, No wonder I cheated on my boyfriend with him and then jealously tried to keep him away from my sister for a while.

The Cover: Where did all these pictures come from? I recognize the ones that are book covers, but what are the rest of them? Are they from the TV show?

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  • Lori January 6, 2010 at 7:37 pm

    Wow I can’t believe you finished the whole thing.


    Shannon Reply:

    Me neither, really.


  • Christine January 6, 2010 at 9:33 pm

    I forgot there was another book! Doh. So just pretend I congratulated you for getting through the series, over here. 🙂

    More inappropriately smiling faces on the cover! Lazy publishers, can’t be bothered to come up with new and fitting artwork. They probably did grab publicity stills, or something, from the TV series.

    So Devon turns out to be a cowardly liar who’s willing to take undeserved credit, and Todd is a cheater and a cad who tries to take advantage of emotionally vulnerable grieving girls at funerals. Elizabeth sucks, but somehow I feel that even she deserves better love interests. I know, I’m turning into a softie.

    Enjoy your vacation away from Sweet Valley, Shannon. 🙂 Have fun solving murders and meeting royalty! (That’s what happens on vacations, right? Sweet Valley is my Life Guide.)


    Lindsay Reply:

    Enjoy your vacation away from Sweet Valley, Shannon. Have fun solving murders and meeting royalty! (That’s what happens on vacations, right? Sweet Valley is my Life Guide.)

    Hahahahaha thank you for that! You are awesome!


    Shannon Reply:

    That better be what happens on vacations. I’m ready to solve some crime!

    Thank you for all your comments, Christine. It’s been a pleasure and I hope you come back for Senior Year!


  • Lorelai January 7, 2010 at 12:37 am

    I find it really funny that scumbag Ronnie doesn’t get a funeral. And apparently Roger Barrett Patman also died? There’s something about it in the last Senior Year book, but I don’t remember him ever dying, like, ever. Not even a little bit. Olivia comes back after dying in SVU, but Roger Patman dies and nobody even realises until a year later.

    Also, that picture of Todd and Liz on the motorbike trips me out. They actually did cover the infamous Liz/Todd motorbike accident on the show, but it was the first season and it was a different actor. I like to think they waited until Devon left his bike alone and decided to take a photo with it.


    Lindsay Reply:

    I thought I remembered Olivia in SVU! But I only read like three of those books, so I wasn’t sure.

    And how are they just going to diss RPat like that?


    Shannon Reply:

    Yeah, I only read one SVU book, but apparently Olivia shows up.


    Lori Reply:

    She shows up for the six month reunion in SVU Home For Christmas


    Shannon Reply:

    LOL @ a six month reunion. These people are ridiculous.


    Shannon Reply:

    What! There was nothing about Roger dying. Wtf?


    Lorelai Reply:

    Very last book of Senior Year, Jessica makes a speech where she remembers Olivia, Regina, Ronnie Edwards and ROGER PATMAN. Which is obviously stupid, on account of Roger being alive, Olivia being able to come back from the dead whenever she wants, and Ronnie being a jerk-ass bitch-boy. Apparently Jessica didn’t think to mention any of her dead boyfriends, though.


    Shannon Reply:

    Ha! Everything about this comment is pure gold.


  • Lindsay January 7, 2010 at 1:30 am

    That Lila quote makes up for the fact she nearly kissed Todd in the bathroom.

    And, yeah, Liz, Ken is such a great friend, considering he flipped out on Jess when she’s all suicidal and stuff.


    Shannon Reply:

    I think she was just emotionally distressed, otherwise she never would have considered kissing Todd.

    I’ve always thought Ken was kind of an ass.


  • Darren January 8, 2010 at 11:43 pm

    I wonder if Roger Barrett Patman had the same heart disease like his mother and that’s how he would die? I can’t imagine Bruce Patman bumping him off, but I’d envision Margo bumping off Roger for no reason just to get a satisfied killing out of the way in Sweet Valley.

    THat’s funny about Ronnie, he acts like a total ass to Enid whereas John Pfeiffer behaved a lot worse, and they don’t give Ronnie a funeral. They probably buried him next to John.

    Seniors, the party a year later is better. The funny part is Jessica actually works so hard in school, she falls asleep and nearly missed the entire party for her and Liz!


  • Sorry April 13, 2011 at 7:18 pm

    BTW thank you shannon for all this… If it wasn’t for you, then I would have to read the books. Although I did read random SVU books here and there.
    I am sorry to say this and I know I will get burned at the stake but I actually like Jessica. (hides behind a shield from daggers, and Jessica’s ugly outfits)
    I guess, because without her we would just be left with all these god awful characters who think they are saints but… are just as big of an apeshit sociopath as Jessica but unlike her, is aware of what she is, are just in denial. The only normal one Lila Fowler, and isn’t she suppose to be the mean on?
    I just don’t like the fact that authors make Elizabeth to be the “good twinn” when she is just as crazy and evil as Jessica but more annoying to the point that I want to stab her pretty turquoise eyes out with her journal writing pen.
    Bless your heart for reading and summarizing the books. Thank you.


  • Tom Mckay July 17, 2012 at 10:52 am

    The Cover: Where did all these pictures come from? I recognize the ones that are book covers, but what are the rest of them? Are they from the TV show?==they’re covers from reprinted svh books at the time of the tv series. i actually got those covers.


  • Dane Youssef November 11, 2012 at 3:40 am

    Todd’s a cheater? What did he cheat at? Huh. Tell me…


  • Dane Youssef January 28, 2013 at 5:22 pm

    “The Cover: Where did all these pictures come from? I recognize the ones that are book covers, but what are the rest of them? Are they from the TV show?” –Shannon

    Yes, exactly. Be glad you missed most of the series. God, it sucked more than a vampire in a vacuum through a straw in a hurricane. It only got worse as it went on. Though ironically, the best episode did happen in season four. S04,E12 “Devon
    Breaklaw”–the most realistic and least ludicrous of the entire show’s run (not exactly the loftiest of goals). But still the very best. And deepest…

    And yes, that was the second actor to play Todd on the show–Jeremy Vincent Garrett. Bittle was removed before they started putting the TV cast on the book covers. I (and many others) thought Bittle made a much better Todd–despite Garrett being a much better actor.

    But do you know who REALLY preferred Garrett in the role of Todd? His co-star Cynthia Daniel (who played Liz). She felt a really strong personal connection with him and the two still talk to this day. They have more than just a little in common. They’re both into professional photography. They might have been a real couple had she not been seeing someone at the time.

    Hey, has the “Sweet Life” continued? Any word… ?

    –All The Best, Dane Youssef


  • Nikki July 6, 2014 at 9:56 am

    “Jessica says she wishes she were dead”

    Whoa, that’s deep. I never heard Jessica talk like that before.

    “Olivia’s funeral is held in the Davidsons’ back yard.”

    A funeral in the backyard? Did her family seriously bury her in the backyard like a household pet? That reeks of disrespect.


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