Sweet Valley High #133: To Catch a Thief

SVH133Read part one of this miniseries here.

The Moral of the Story: If you’re an American in France, you’ll get locked in a dungeon.

The Big Deal: A royal ball


Jessica is happy that Jacques has come to see her and she can’t wait to let the duke of Norveaux parade her around as his girlfriend. She seems to have forgotten that the housekeeper told her that Norveaux doesn’t actually exist. Jacques dashes her hopes when he says he can’t be seen in the castle. He makes up some story about a feud between his family and the de Saint-Maries. Jessica buys it. Jacques continues to sneak over to the castle on a daily basis, and every day he tries to get into Jessica’s room. Jessica leaves for a minute and when she comes back, she finds Jacques rummaging around her pile of dirty clothes. He tells her he’s folding her clothes to show her he’s a modern man. Jessica buys it. Another time, he asks Jessica to give her back the “fake” emerald he gave her on the train. He says she deserves a real gem and he can’t bear the thought of her wearing a fake. Jessica buys it, but keeps the emerald. Another time, he starts choking and coughing and begging for water. Jessica buys it and leaves to get him a glass of water. As soon as she closes the door, Jacques stops coughing. She peeks into the room and sees him pocketing her jewelry case. They wrestle for it and Jacques even gives her a pearl bracelet to replace the emerald, but Jessica insists on keeping it. She doesn’t know that Jacques and his father are thieves who promised the emerald to a client. When Jacques tells her she only wants to keep it because she’s ignorant, it finally pisses Jessica off enough that she tells him she never wants to see him again.

Liz is having the time of her life with Prince Laurent. Then one day, Laurent’s parents tell him he needs to announce his decision to marry Antonia, the horrible countess’s daughter. Laurent wants nothing to do with her and tells his parents he’s in love with the au pair. They are, of course, scandalized. Laurent doesn’t contact Liz for a whole day and Liz gets freaked out. She goes out to the cottage to see him, but he’s all cold and distant. She storms off in a huff. Laurent comes to see her the next night and tells her he loves her. They make out.

A diamond necklace goes missing from Antonia’s room and the countess is sure one of the servants took it. The twins convince themselves the countess stole it herself for the insurance money. They go searching in the countess’s suite, but find nothing. That’s because Jacques took the necklace and gave it to his father to sell.

Liz overhears some servants talking about Prince Laurent announcing his engagement at the upcoming ball. Because the world revolves around her, she misunderstands their meaning and assumes Prince Laurent is going to announce his marriage to her. She immediately runs upstairs to her room so she can write in her journal. She works herself into a frenzy before deciding she should just go to Laurent’s cottage and talk to him. When she gets there, she finds Laurent in the garden, holding hands with Antonia and having a chat with the countess. Liz goes off on him for not having told her about his engagement. She runs back to the castle and sobs in Jessica’s arms.

The twins get to go to the ball that night because they will be performing a tableau with the children. Jessica decides to wear the damned emerald to the ball. When the countess sees it, she freaks out. After the tableau, the twins go to their rooms to change into their ball gowns. The countess brings a couple guards up to the servant quarters and has them throw the twins in the dungeon. Jessica finally realizes Jacques is a thief.


“Maybe I should wear more makeup,” [Elizabeth] whispered, turning her head from side to side to study the various angles of her face. “How would I look with a more dramatic style, like Jessica’s?”

You’d probably look like Jessica.

“This bracelet is totally awesome.”

I think it’s at this point in time that the ghostwriters discovered the word “awesome.” It seems to appear at least once in every chapter of this book.

I might be left in this medieval dungeon to die…because of Jacques Landeau!

Yeah, Jessica seems to be under the impression that she’s locked in this dungeon and nobody will ever find her.

The Cover: Blond twins shackled to each other in a dungeon. Giggity. (Ew, I just grossed myself out.)

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  • Maggi December 10, 2009 at 11:53 am

    Best Ever——>“Maybe I should wear more makeup,” [Elizabeth] whispered, turning her head from side to side to study the various angles of her face. “How would I look with a more dramatic style, like Jessica’s?”

    You’d probably look like Jessica.


    Shannon Reply:

    Ha! I mean, come on. I kind of couldn’t believe I’d actually just read that.


    Lindsay Reply:

    I agree, that was the greatest thing I’ve ever read. Jesus, Elizabeth is a moron.


  • Sandy December 10, 2009 at 2:03 pm

    Thank you for your link to tableau! I learn something new everytime I come to this blog. lol

    Sadly, I use awesome at least once a day.


    Shannon Reply:

    Oh, I say it all the time. It’s just funny how easy it is to tell where we are in the history of slang with each book, because suddenly one word will pop up all over the place.

    Oh, and you’re welcome for the tableau link. It’s not often I need to look up a word when reading a Sweet Valley book, so I wanted to do it right, lol.


  • Fear Street December 10, 2009 at 8:32 pm

    Damn. Those two are dumber than rocks.


  • Lorelai December 10, 2009 at 8:59 pm

    I’m sorry, but I kinda like these covers. It makes no sense and I don’t know why, but I do. I think it’s because they’re so unbelievably lame that it swings back to awesome. Liz looks like a five-year-old flower girl at Jess’s wedding in that pic, though.

    The story’s shit, though.


    Shannon Reply:

    Hey, there’s no rule saying you can’t like them! They do kind of have that “so lame it’s almost cool” thing going on. But I will never like them and will always be sad they stopped doing the drawn covers.


  • Lindsay December 11, 2009 at 9:46 am

    God I wish I was rich enough to have a dungeon I could throw people into. And a moat. I want a dungeon and a moat. That’s all.

    Ha! Giggity. Ah, Quagmire.


    Shannon Reply:

    I want a dungeon and a moat and a tower. I would love to say, “Lock him in the tower!” at some point in my life.


  • Emma June 19, 2010 at 10:04 pm

    Royalty in France? Sure, the revolution never happened.

    Europe is also so old-fashioned and feodal. How did the twins get to the castle from the airport? Horse and wagon? Perhaps some really old automobile?


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