Sweet Valley High #131: Fashion Victim

SVH131Read part one of this miniseries here. Read part two here.

The Moral of the Story: Working for a fashion magazine will make you crazy.

The Big Deal: Dinner party


Enid and black Maria decide their lives just aren’t worth living if Liz isn’t their friend, so they decide it’s time to make up. When Liz tells them what Leona’s done, they offer to help get back at her. They, along with Reggie from the office, come up with a super awesome plan. This plan includes Enid and Maria coming to the Flair office for no apparent reason while Liz calls Gordon Lewis, head of the company, to say she has an idea she’d like to discuss with him. Gordon says he’ll stop by her office the next morning. Liz tells him she works in Leona’s office, and then freaks out about making Leona’s office look like it belongs to Liz. Even though Liz has her very own office just down the hall. Whatever. This is stupid.

Jessica goes out to some awesome nightclub with Quentin and has a terrible time. Quentin doesn’t want to dance because the dance floor is too crowded, and he refuses an invitation to party with Eddie Rook, a rock star who happens to be hanging out at the club. Jessica goes outside and walks a couple of blocks. Then she sees someone who looks just like Cameron leaving a fancy restaurant and getting into a Porsche. Jessica figures it’s just lovesickness making her see Cameron. She decides to make him fall in love with her again, so at lunchtime on Monday she goes to the mailroom with a “gourmet lunch” for him. The guy working there says Cameron quit.

Liz finds out about some party Gordon Lewis will be attending, so she and her posse decide to crash it. Furthermore, they decide to go to Leona’s to “borrow” some of her clothes. When they get to the party, Liz stays out of site while Maria and Reggie talk about her in front of Gordon and make her out to be some really important person in the fashion industry. By the time Gordon meets Liz the next morning, he thinks she’s just the greatest thing ever. He loves her idea and wants her to present it to the board that afternoon.

Todd moves into a really crappy apartment. He’s sure he’ll get more modeling jobs and be able to afford something really spectacular any day now. He invites his parents and Simone over for dinner and then, of course, burns the roast he was trying to make. He serves macaroni and toast, Simone is a bitch, his parents try to be supportive and blah, blah, blah. Who cares?

Things are going swimmingly for Liz and Reggie at the board meeting until Leona comes hobbling in on her crutches. She starts yelling that Liz is only an intern who stole her idea. Liz is fired on the spot. This doesn’t really matter because suddenly it’s Friday and the internship is over anyway, but Liz is distraught. Enid, Maria, Jessica, Lila and Amy all rally around her that night, clucking about how bad they feel for her. Then Leona has the nerve to call Liz and invite her to lunch the next day to apologize. She gives her directions to some restaurant up the coast. Liz plans to bring a tape recorder and trick Leona into confessing to stealing Liz’s idea.

The next day, Leona’s directions take Liz along a road at the top of a cliff. Out of nowhere, some jackass in a pickup truck starts bumping the Jeep. Liz almost goes off the road, but then who should show up but Todd the Great. He was driving around Sweet Valley earlier when he saw Liz in the Jeep and decided to follow her. So now he gets behind Liz, edging out the pickup. Liz and Todd pull over and the jackass drives away. Liz is grateful, but not so grateful that she forgets she hates Todd right now. She decides to forget Leona and go home. Todd goes to the police station and gives the cop the pickup’s license number and a description of the jackass. The cops say the jackass is a freelance thug. They suspect someone hired him to hurt Liz.

The cops find the guy the next day and arrest him, and he says Leona Pierson hired him. Over a fucking magazine article. Jesus. Meanwhile, Liz is at Flair with her tape recorder, determined to get Leona’s confession once and for all. But Leona pulls a gun on her and gives an Evil Villain speech about how important her career is and how Liz doesn’t know anything about getting ahead in life. This bitch is insane. The cops show up and arrest her. That night, Todd pulls a Say Anything, playing the Jamie Peters song that was on when he and Liz first “pledged their love to each other.” Then he climbs up to Liz’s window and they make out for a while. Oh, Todd moves back home at some point, of course.

Jessica is pissed because Quentin decided not to use her photos in the magazine. A week after the internship is over, she gets a package in the mail containing the “blue pages” for the upcoming issue. Turns out Jessica’s going to be in the magazine after all. There’s a letter attached, an invitation to a dinner party at the home of Edward McGee, the owner of the corporation that owns Flair. Jessica thinks that’s kind of weird, but is more than happy to show up. When she gets there, Mr. McGee leaves the room to get his son, who turns out to be Cameron. Cameron is the new vice president of Flair and he wanted to get a feel for the company by starting at the bottom, in the mail room. Even though Jessica was the one whoring herself out for the chance to be a model, Cameron is the one who apologizes. They end up making out all night.


Ken ambled over to the table and sat down in one of the plastic chairs. “So Todd, now that you’re busy with Simone, would you mind if I asked Elizabeth out?”

Okay, so he’s joking. But dude, that’s not even a little funny.

Todd desperately wanted this dinner to turn out perfect. He’d invited his parents and Simone and was eager to prove to all three that he could make it on his own.

Listen, Todd. Simone doesn’t care whether or not you can make it on your own, and your parents know you can’t. Just give it up.

The Cover: Liz looks pretty cute, but this doesn’t seem to correlate to anything that actually happened in the book.

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  • Sandy December 4, 2009 at 12:41 pm

    I like the drawn covers alot better.
    Okay, Cameron is rich? I really didn’t see that one coming.


    Shannon Reply:

    These covers are seriously awful.


  • Ugh! December 4, 2009 at 1:24 pm

    What?! No ‘bony ass’ comment directed to Leona by Liz ala Working Girl? What a disappointment!


  • Sadako December 4, 2009 at 2:05 pm

    Liz looks less like she’s at a fashion mag and more like she’s interning with Woodward and Bernstein.


    Shannon Reply:

    Ha! She does look like she’s being awfully sneaky.


  • megan s. December 4, 2009 at 4:39 pm

    todd should really not try to cook. everytime he does he burns everything!!


    Shannon Reply:

    Seriously. I’m really kind of tired of hearing about his lack of cooking skills.


  • Lori December 4, 2009 at 7:34 pm

    Wow Leona does not give up.


    Shannon Reply:

    I know. And all over a stupid article idea.


  • Darren December 6, 2009 at 12:34 am

    That’s obviously one of the Daniel twins in a pose on the cover…forgot which one was sophisticated and which one was like mischief. Wait until you see the picture of Lila Fowler by 137. She’ll be different from book 9 obviously.


    Shannon Reply:

    Obviously. Since book 9 was a painting and 137 will be a photograph.

    I don’t know about on the covers, but on the show, Cynthia Daniel played Liz and Brittany played Jessica. So my guess is that this is Cynthia on the cover.


  • Kristine December 8, 2009 at 6:06 am

    I like the drawn covers better. I don’t like the girl who portrayed Lila in the SVH TV series. She’s not what I imagined Lila Fowler would look like. Her hair is always fly-away, while the books described Lila’s hair as long and really straight and maintained by posh hairdressers.


    Shannon Reply:

    I also like the drawn covers much better. And yeah, the girl on the show it nothing like I pictured Lila to be.


  • Mari August 23, 2011 at 1:21 pm

    Speaking of fashion victims, take a peek into Francine’s closet. Very interesting taste. Francine is truly unique from her pretty lavaliers to her devotion to the colors of black and beige!



  • Dane Youssef February 3, 2013 at 11:34 pm

    “todd should really not try to cook. everytime he does he burns everything!!” –megan s.

    “Seriously. I’m really kind of tired of hearing about his lack of cooking skills.” –Shannon

    Seriously, the fact that Todd can’t cook… has to be the longest running gag in this entire series! This gorgeous, intellectual high school MVP basketball superstar sweetheart sanctity is just a culinary Mr. Bean. The man can’t pour milk into cereal without setting fire to something.

    Well, he can’t be great at everything. Todd, restaurant take-out exists for people like you.

    Oh, and…

    “That’s obviously one of the Daniel twins in a pose on the cover…forgot which one was sophisticated and which one was like mischief. Wait until you see the picture of Lila Fowler by 137. She’ll be different from book 9 obviously.” –Darren

    That’s Cynthia Daniel as Elizabeth there on the cover. Just so you know…

    –Appreciation To Megan, Shannon (and everyone else on here), Dane Youssef


  • Dane Youssef August 26, 2013 at 7:23 am

    You really have to love that stupid almost-Hardy Boys-looking cover of Liz looking shifty-eyed and all suspicious about. She’s creeping, she’s up to something… she’s uncovered something big, big, big…

    Yeah, right. It’s just another lame book that wasn’t really all that thought out, isn’t it?

    Todd’s thing with Simone didn’t last very fucking long, did it? Oh, kiss my ass right on the lips. They couldn’t try to play this damn thing out a little longer? They had to try to get him back with Liz as quickly as possible.

    Nothing like a cheap manipulative plot gimmick to make you feel all jerked around and whatnot. Don’t tease us. Break the “Sweethearts of Sweet Valley” up… once and for all. Once and for true.

    For some reason, the actresses Brittany and Cynthia were much more convincing performers (AND as the Wakefield girls) when they were posing for the covers.

    Go fig. The show didn’t last long, did it?

    –Sincere As Always, Dane Youssef


  • Krista November 3, 2013 at 12:36 pm

    “Todd goes to the police station and gives the cop the pickup’s license number and a description of the jackass.”

    Holy Crap, Todd doing something smart? This hasn’t happened since the beginning of the series!


  • Dane Youssef July 3, 2014 at 7:09 pm

    Look at Liz here. This looks more like the cover for a “Sweet Valley Mysteries” book.

    Hey you know, that’s a BETTER idea. Why the F didn’t they put this cover on one of THOSE books?!

    No seriously, don’t they have those? “Sweet Valley Mysteries”?

    They could have at least made sure the G*dd*mned covers fit–were even loosely appropriate!

    –Done Ranting About This (For The Moment), Dane Youssef


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