The Story So Far: Books 111-120, Super Thrillers 8-10

  • The incredibly boring and long story arc about Jeremy and Sue finally ends with Jeremy going to jail.
  • Ken and Jessica start going out. Liz gets jealous and tries to keep them apart. She fails.
  • Heather Mallone breezes into town and becomes co-captain of the cheerleading squad.
  • Robin Wilson suddenly has a father whose job forces the family to leave Sweet Valley.
  • Liz is inexplicably just as good at cheerleading as Jessica.
  • Liz and Todd break up twice.
  • The SVH cheerleading squad places second in the Nationals.
  • A psychopath tries to steal Alice Wakefield’s face.
  • Liz cheats on Todd with Chris from Paradise Spa and John Marin.
  • Jessica cheats on Ken with Alex from Paradise Spa, John Marin, Zach Marsden and Christian Gorman.
  • The twins and their friends get chased by escaped criminals in Death Valley.
  • The twins are threatened and nearly killed by John Marin, a guy Ned convicted back in the day.
  • Jessica does well on the SATs and is accused of cheating. Liz does badly because she tries too hard.
  • The twins go to visit Steve at college and throw a kegger.
  • They decide to drop out of high school and get a head start on their college careers, but their friends convince them to come back to high school.
  • Crazy Margo has a twin sister just as crazy as she is. Together, they try to kill Jessica and Liz but are unsuccessful.
  • The kids from Palisades High start acting like jerks. Bruce gets the SVH boys ready for a war.
  • Merrie November 4, 2009 at 11:28 am

    That Jeremy and Sue story arc really did suck.

    It’s amazing how much the twins’ high school years resemble mine. Ha!


    Sandy Reply:

    Lol, someone didn’t attempt to date rape you, did they?


  • Lindsay November 4, 2009 at 1:57 pm

    Dude, really is there anything else the twins can fight about besides boys? I fought all the time with my sibs over all kinds of stuff, like whose turn it was to control the remote control, how many hours my brothers could legally play video games before I lost my mind, who grabbed the last soda, who really broke something that belonged to my parents…you know, stuff normal people fight about. Not once have I ever fought over some dude with my sister or friends.

    “The twins go to visit Steve at college and throw a kegger.”

    That’s the most normal thing they have ever fucking done.


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