The Story So Far: Books 81-90, Super Stars 4-5, Super Thriller 5

  • New student: Rosa Jameson
  • Jessica joined a cult. She did this because she thought nobody loved her. She thought this because her mother grounded her for failing a math test.
  • Cara Walker moved to London. Steve almost married her to keep her from going.
  • Liz and Todd have broken up three times in the last ten books.
  • The twins appeared as guest stars on a soap opera.
  • The twins got a new Jeep. It’s black with chrome trim.
  • Jessica proved herself to be way more badass than Bruce.
  • Todd is a tool.
  • Liz went on a total crusade to publish an article about sexual harassment in The Oracle.
  • Jessica painted her bedroom purple.
  • John Pfeifer is now a serial rapist wannabe.
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