Sweet Valley High #61: Boy Trouble

SVH061The moral of the story: It’s wrong to be jealous and concerned when your boyfriend doesn’t answer his phone for a week and then you see him out with another girl. You’re just overreacting.

The Big Deal: Patty’s sister’s wedding


Patty Gilbert, Sweet Valley’s token black girl, is excited that her boyfriend Jim is coming home from college for a weekend visit. She’s been feeling like their relationship is on the rocks lately, so she’s looking forward to spending time with him. Then she finds out her sister Jana is coming home the same weekend. Patty hasn’t seen Jana in six months so she tries to call Jim to tell him to come next weekend, but she can’t get him on the phone. When he gets to town, Patty tells him she’ll have to divide her time between him and Jana. Jim gets all pissed off and they have a fight and break up.

I’m bored already.

Patty races home in tears and is looking forward to seeing her sister and pouring her heart out to her, but when she gets home, Jana is there with a man named Ted. They’re engaged and want to get married in two weeks before Ted, who is in the Air Force, gets shipped off to West Germany. So now Patty thinks she can’t possibly burden Jana with her troubles. And yet another Sweet Valley girl takes it upon herself to keep her feelings quiet so as not to trouble someone else. Patty calls DeeDee to vent and DeeDee invites her to go out that night with her, Bill and some guy named Craig.

There’s a crafts fair going on at the mall and DeeDee is selling some T-shirts she designed. Jessica goes to the fair to try to meet some guys and says hello to DeeDee, who asks her to watch the booth for a minute while she gets some lunch. Come on, DeeDee, you never ask Jessica to do something for you. It always ends in disaster. Sure enough, as soon as DeeDee’s gone, the most gorgeous man Jessica’s ever seen approaches the booth and says he’s the owner of a store and would like to put the shirts on display there. He thinks Jessica is the artist and gets her name and number. Jessica feels guilty for a second, but she’s sure Vincent is really interested in her and not the shirts.

Patty goes out with DeeDee, Bill and Craig. They have a nice time, but Patty can’t stop thinking about Jim. They all go to a movie, and Patty thinks about Jim some more. Then, after the movie, she sees him in the theater lobby with another girl. She runs outside and DeeDee drives her home. Jim calls and tells her it’s not what she thinks, but Patty just yells at him. Jim tells her she’s a hypocrite. She was out with another guy, after all. Patty’s all pissed that he could possibly think she’s the one cheating and tells him she never wants to talk to him again. Then she cries about the demise of her relationship. Well done, Patty.

The next morning, Liz calls Patty for an interview for the school paper. I’m not sure why Patty’s being interviewed, but whatever. Liz’s spider sense is tingling and she makes Patty tell her what’s wrong and then invites her over for brunch. While they eat, Liz tells Patty to talk to Jim because it sounds like the whole thing is just a misunderstanding and his date might have been as innocent as Patty’s date with Craig. Feeling inspired, Patty drives by Jim’s house to talk to him. When she gets there, Jim and the same girl are playing Frisbee in the front yard. Patty keeps driving and goes home. She spends the next few days being pissy that she can’t get a hold of Jim and that her sister is so absorbed in wedding plans that she doesn’t even notice that Patty is upset about something.

Vincent finally calls Jessica and asks to see more T-shirts. Blah blah, Jessica’s in a bind, blah blah. When he doesn’t ask her out, she starts to worry that he’s actually interested in the shirts and not her. Jessica decides to make her own T-shirts.

DeeDee tells Patty to just talk to Jana about Jim because it will make her feel better. So Patty goes straight home after school and tells Jana she has a problem. Jana starts freaking out because she’s run into some wedding planning snags. Patty yells at her for being so self-absorbed. They have a fight and Patty says she doesn’t want to be Jana’s maid of honor anymore. Boy, she’s just making friends left and right these days.

Jessica mentions to Liz that she bought some earrings at the crafts fair from Jim’s cousin, who was visiting from L.A. Liz’s mind goes into overdrive to figure out that the girl Patty saw with Jim must be the visiting cousin. She goes to Patty’s, but Jana says she isn’t home. Liz tells Jana that Patty and Jim broke up and is shocked that Jana didn’t already know. Then Patty comes home and Liz tells her about Jim’s cousin. Patty writes Jim a letter, but then pushes it away, figuring he probably doesn’t want to hear from her. A few days later, Jana asks Patty for a ride to the bridal shop for her dress fitting. Patty grudgingly takes her and ends up going in with her. When she sees how pretty Jana looks in her dress, she suddenly doesn’t hate her anymore and they make up. Blargh. Patty tells Jana everything that’s been going on. Jana thinks Patty should send Jim the letter she wrote. Patty doesn’t think it’s a good idea, so Jana decides to send it. She calls Jim’s mother to get his address and finds out he’s been on a trip for his geology class and that’s why he hasn’t been answering Patty’s calls.

Jessica goes to meet Vincent at his store. When he and his partner get a look at her awful T-shirts, she ends up telling them that she wasn’t the real artist. Vincent gets DeeDee’s number from her and calls her to set up a meeting. He promises not to tell DeeDee that Jessica posed as the artist. And once again, Jessica gets away with one of her crazy stunts without consequence.

At Jana’s rehearsal dinner, Patty notices Ted leave early and not come back. She starts to worry that he’s not as good a guy as Jana thinks he is. The wedding is the next day, and as Patty is walking down the aisle, she sees Jim in the second pew. After the wedding, they make up and he explains that Ted came to pick him up the night before. They both try to claim responsibility for what happened, Patty says she’ll stop being so jealous and thinking the worst when Jim doesn’t answer her calls, and they seal their reconciliation with a kiss.


“Steal some time alone with Jana, whatever it takes. Once she hears about what happened with Jim, she’ll forget about the wedding for a change and help you with your problem.”

Clearly, DeeDee has never met a bride-to-be before.

The Cover: Doesn’t Patty look like a 1980s newscaster? And come on, Liz is hardly even in this book. Does she really need to be on the cover?

The moral of the story: It’s wrong to be jealous and concerned when your boyfriend doesn’t answer his phone for a week and then you see him out with another girl. You’re just overreacting.

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  • tracy london June 15, 2009 at 8:54 pm

    Of course Liz needs to be on the cover. Who else would give the understanding look of i’m so much better than you condescension?

    Also, Patti broke up with her boyfriend over not being able to spend time with her sister who does not have time to spend with her?? Oh my God, the irony…


  • Frederick June 22, 2009 at 5:07 pm

    OMG!, i have to read it for tomorrow and i cant find a website to read the summary , please help!
    good ws.


  • Natasha April 18, 2017 at 3:13 am

    This is such a pointless book with unessary drama. At least the next one is one of my faves.


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