Sweet Valley High #30: Jealous Lies

The moral of the story: If your teenage son wants to drop out of college and work on a cruise ship, just pretend you don’t care. It will make him rethink his decision.

The Big Deal: Friday the Thirteenth dance, pledge party at Cara’s, party for Steve


Steve’s coming home from college for a weeklong visit and the twins want to plan something special for him. I don’t understand why, since he’s at home all the freaking time. Cara’s all upset about something and Jessica finally gets it out of her. She’s upset because Steve wants to quit school to work on a cruise liner owned by his roommate’s dad. I hate Steven. The whole family is distraught by the news (except Jessica, who thinks it’s cool) and Liz decides they should all act like they support Steve’s decision. She thinks this will make him decide not to go for some reason. And oddly enough, Ned and Alice agree with her. Even Cara gets in on it. Whatever, you’re all a bunch of freaks.

Jean West wants to join PBA but her best friend Sandra Bacon, who is already a member, doesn’t want her to. Jean is so much more glamorous than she is and Sandy is tired of living in her shadow. She nominates Jean with the intent of sabotaging her and making sure she doesn’t pass the pledge period. ‘Cause that’s what best friends are for. Cara’s having a pledge party at her house and the pledges’ first task is to get their assigned dates to go with them. Sandy makes sure Jean is assigned Tom McKay, who doesn’t like her very much or something. Sandy is sure Jean will never be able to pull off a date with him, but then Lila gives Jean some advice on how to lure him. It works and Tom agrees to be Jean’s date. Sandra’s next plan is to make sure he stands Jean up. She lets slip to Tom that Jean only asked him out as a pledge task. Tom gets all depressed because he’s always had a crush on Jean and he thought she was starting to like him back. He vows that he will not be Jean’s date and he will make her sorry for trying to make him “look like a fool.” Dude, just go to the party.

The night of the party, Tom calls Jean and pretends he’s in the hospital with food poisoning. Jean goes to Cara’s by herself. Sandra has Lila call the hospital to check out Jean’s story and everyone finds out Tom lied and stood Jean up. But Cara and Lila like Jean and they want her in the sorority, so Jean suggests another pledge task for herself: she’ll work on Tom this week and make him really care about her, then she’ll ask someone else to dance with her at the Friday the Thirteenth dance. This is a big deal because the 13th is her birthday so she’ll be leading the dancing. Cara and Lila agree, but Sandra says they shouldn’t be bending the rules for Jean. Jean gets pissed and Sandra can’t figure out how to explain why she’s being such a bitch. Later that night, Steve and Cara are talking about Steve leaving. He gets pissed and storms out of the party when Cara doesn’t act completely heartbroken about the prospect of them breaking up. Sadistic bastard.

Jean and Sandy make up, but you know they’re going to fight again because Sandy doesn’t come clean about trying to keep Jean out of the sorority. Now that Jean has forgiven her, she realizes what a great friend she is and decides to help her get into PBA. ┬áBut, sure enough, Jean finds out from Tom that it was Sandy who tipped him off about the pledge party. At the dance, Jean can’t go through with her revenge plan because she’s fallen in love with Tom. The Pi Betas get all worked up when Jean dances with him, but Sandy tells them everything is her fault and they should let Jean in and kick her out. Jean overhears and the two girls throw themselves at each other in a mess of tears and hugs.

So Jean and Sandy are friends again, they’re both Pi Beta Alpha members, Jean and Tom are in love, Cara and Steve are fine and Steve decides not to drop out of school and work on a cruise ship. Hooray!

Setup for the next book: Jeffrey French makes his first appearance. Enid has a crush on him.


Elizabeth had seen loyalty before, but Sandra was really going a little overboard!

Uh, yeah, how many times has your own sister tried to ruin your life?

“Dana and Jeanie are both Friday the thirteenth babies,” Caroline explained.

There are a couple lines in this book that make me unsure the author knows that Dana and Jeanie’s birthdays wouldn’t always be on a Friday. Like sometimes the 13th is on a Saturday or even a Monday.

The Cover:

Sandy: This is my jacket. Mine. You can’t have it. *whine*

Jean: Uh, you’re freaking me out.

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  • Abi April 22, 2009 at 12:21 pm

    I’m excited about Jeffrey French!!! I like him a lot better than I like Todd.


  • Darren August 16, 2009 at 4:03 am

    I actually cried to see Jean and Sandra reuniting as BEST FRIENDS FOREVER! Sandra shouldn’t have felt so insecure and talked her feelings with Jean. That’s what best friends are for. I’m glad sandra stood up for her friend.


  • sour_hill August 28, 2009 at 9:00 pm

    Re: The cover. It is sort of fitting that the girl in the jacket is named Sandy, as she is totally up on Pink Lady fashions.


  • Penny Lane December 22, 2009 at 11:31 am

    The girl in the jacket totally looks like Kristen Wiig.


    Angela2BPecked Reply:

    OMG, I thought that too!…lol….


  • Kylie90210 August 3, 2010 at 1:30 am

    Ohh, I love that pink jacket! Nice. Really not a fan of Sandra Bacon.


    Anonymous Reply:

    Me too.


  • VLB October 18, 2010 at 10:15 pm

    The last name Bacon always bugged me. What kind of name is Sandra Bacon?


    Anonymous Reply:

    Ask Kevin Bacon or Francis Bacon.


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