Sweet Valley High #2: Secrets


The moral of the story: If you mess with Elizabeth, she will make you dance with Winston Egbert.

The Big Deal: Some unnamed fall dance at which Jessica gets crowned queen, party at Lila’s


Enid is freaking out. She’s suddenly sure her new boyfriend, Ronnie, is going to break up with her. When Liz asks why, Enid reveals her dark past. Enid used to take drugs (gasp!) and, because this is Sweet Valley, her wild days ended when she and her drug-buddy George went joyriding and hit a kid. Enid and George have been pen pals for the last two years and now George is coming to Sweet Valley for a visit. Ronnie is a jealous asshat and Enid is sure he’ll break up with her just for having a male friend, so she makes Liz promise to keep George and Enid’s past with him a secret.

Let’s just get one thing straight: Ronnie is a jerk. And Enid apparently knows it, but she’s so in love with him that it doesn’t matter.

There’s a dance coming up. Jessica wants to be crowned queen because she’s sure Bruce Patman will be king and then he’ll have to notice her. Enid is her only competition and normally this wouldn’t worry Jessica. But Ronnie is head of the dance committee, so Jessica is afraid that he’ll somehow get people to vote for his girlfriend. Jessica finds one of George’s letters to Enid in Liz’s room, and she figures the best way to make sure she’s crowned queen is to ruin Enid’s life. She shows Ronnie the letter and then he breaks up with Enid. This plan has the added benefit of making Enid think Elizabeth betrayed her. Jessica is never happier than when Liz has no friends but her. Then Jessica goes to a party at Lila’s and gets Ronnie to agree to go to the dance with her.

Meanwhile, there’s a terrible rumor going around that Ms. Dalton, the French teacher, is having an affair with Ken Matthews. Ms. Dalton stays home from school for a few days, but Enid feels like she really needs some advice so she goes to her apartment to get it. Ms. Dalton tells Enid to hold her head high and go to the dance even if people are talking about her. So Enid goes home and starts getting ready, and then who should show up unexpectedly but George Warren. He takes Enid to the dance and everyone thinks he’s the most gorgeous guy they’ve ever seen.

Liz has figured out that Jessica is the one who told Ronnie about George, so to get even she makes sure Jessica and Winston are crowned king and queen at the dance. Jessica is humiliated when she has to dance with the geekiest kid in school. Enid apologizes to Liz for being such a bitch, and everyone is happy. Except Jessica.


Elizabeth hugged her best friend, forgetting the fact that they were both covered in chocolate-chip cookie batter. Enid Rollins was spending the night at the Wakefields’, and Elizabeth had initiated Project C. C. Cookie in the hope it would distract Enid from whatever it was she’d been so jumpy about all evening.

Liz is so perfect. She makes cookies…

But the best thing about him was that he didn’t give a darn whether he was popular or not.

…she has the niftiest boyfriend…

Elizabeth went back to her room and to the book she was reading, but she couldn’t seem to concentrate. She was thinking about Enid, worrying over the fact that she hadn’t called.

…her concern for her friends knows no bounds…

Elizabeth relented at the sincerity in her sister’s tone. “I’m sorry, Jess,” she said. “I know you’re just trying to help.”

…she worships her twin sister…

Among other things, Jessica had led him to believe her sister was too busy dating other boys to bother with him. She’d told Elizabeth a story about Todd attacking her, when all he’d done was reluctantly kiss her on the cheek…

Elizabeth defended her twin. “Jessica means well…”

…a little too much.

Jessica and the number 137

“Your room is already so disgustingly neat. It’ll take a hundred and thirty-seven years to clean up mine,” she wailed. p. 87

Best outfit: Dana Larson – “tight black velvet jeans, a pair of sparkly pink leg warmers, and a purple satin blouse”

The cover: Sorry about the cover, I don’t know why someone would scribble on a book with a marker.

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  • Ned W. April 25, 2009 at 9:14 am

    I think I know why someone would scribble on this book with a marker…

    I have to say, I think you’re once again wrong about Jessica:

    You yourself admit that Ronnie is a jerk. Isn’t it possible that, in classic Wakefield fashion, Jessica wants to *help* her friend Enid realize this unhappy truth? Jessica knows that Ronnie is critical and judgmental, and forces the issue – exposing Ronnie to Enid, and allowing her to move on to better things (i.e.: George).

    As further proof, look at the facts: You claim that Jessica’s “plan” was to get crowned Queen so that Bruce will notice her. But then why would she jeopardize that by having Ronnie take her out? The only explanation is that she is trying to help Enid move on, risking being crowned the Fall Dance Queen and the eternal love of Bruce in the process! Hers is truly a remarkable, and ultimately selfless, friendship.


  • nugirl77 May 5, 2009 at 7:25 pm

    Ronnie takes the cake for being sanctimonious, self-righteous and judgmental! Just goes to show how low Enid’s self-esteem must have been to keep dating him. He’s worse than Jessica in this book! Good riddance! Grr. My blood still boils over how he treated Enid at Miller’s Point.

    The twins are very fetching on this cover! Jess is especially cute. Sorry! 🙂


  • Kylie90210 July 18, 2010 at 11:27 pm

    I love how raw SV was in the early days. Do we see another student teacher scandal again in SVH? I don’t think so. And I have to agree, Ronnie made me so mad! Although George wasn’t much better in the end, was he? Enid has crap luck.


    Shannon Reply:

    Not really. There’s the thing between Lila and her counselor later in the series, but it’s just not the same.

    Poor Enid. She really couldn’t pick a winner if her life depended on it. (And considering what happened in Book 20, I guess her life kind of did depend on it.)


  • Beretta Fleur May 7, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    OPERATION C.C. COOKIE! Aaaaahhhhh….


  • Alex Kennedy February 22, 2017 at 8:27 am

    Storylines where a queen is to be elected:
    1. There is a dance at SVH
    2. A queen/ princess is going to be selected
    3. Jessica goes out of her way to eliminate the competition
    4. Jessica showcases her lack of morals
    5. Jessica wins


  • Jessica is Evil March 23, 2017 at 10:15 am

    Most of the covers make the twins look really cheesy and odd-looking.


  • K Jay March 26, 2017 at 4:38 pm

    This was one of my favourite covers, I wanted Jessica’s mint green tank top and pink phone so badly.


  • Dane Youssef May 7, 2017 at 10:30 pm

    I always felt like if there was one person all of the grand, grand epic broad scope and vast land of “The Valley” who honestly deserved a real relationship (not a lot of maudlin soap opera turmoil), true love and a happy ending… well, it was Winston, really…

    Really, really… but Enid had her good moments. You rooted for things to turn out well for her, just like the real-life Enids and Winstons… they deserve peace, joy and prosperity more than anyone else–and always seemed to get it the least. Honestly… but–Actually, Enid and Winston… Yeah… yeah. Maybe…

    –Sincere, DANE R. YOUSSEF


  • Dane Youssef May 20, 2017 at 1:58 am

    Huh. This was one of the few tomes in the series that the TV show adapted–and God help us all, but I think it was probably the only one that they did get right.

    … and if you actually thought the books were campy, silly, cheesy, ludicrous–and even badly executed…

    … Good fuck-ety God…

    But Good Golly Miss Molly, Christ on a cracker… the show was the worst thing to happen to TV since the V-chip. But… that one episode was pretty good.

    But guess what? What do they say whenever there’s any adaptation of a novel? “The book was better.”

    Seriously, check out the book instead… Except for the end here. This was a mistake. Oh, well. This was only the second one. Maybe Francine was still finding her voice and making her bearings.

    But final note… Liz… Jess… Who do you want to see dead more?

    –Sincerely Feeling Homicidal Towards The Wakefield Soeurs, DANE R. YOUSSEF


  • Jessica is Evil June 17, 2017 at 5:25 am

    ^^^I like the way in which Enid was portrayed. I know it sounds petty, but they never got her hair right in the books. SHe is actually quite attractive in the series. I like the way the did the flashbacks to show Enid’s “past llife.” Yet again, Jessica does not get her “just desserts.” This in fact foreshadows to the next books (ie the ones near to the end of the series) where it shows how sociopathic she really is.


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